Street fashion: How do you dress for street fashion?

Street fashion

Street fashion; which is? Are trends from the pages of glossy magazines being brought to life? What are the surprising combinations at the peak of popularity? Street fashion has always combined comfort and convenience in the rapidly changing life of big cities. In the new season, designers give preference to practicality – wide trousers, layered knitwear, oversized coats, and stable clogs are at the peak of popularity. Fall Galaxy presents an exciting combination of elegant silhouettes and bold colors that emphasize the flavor of the metropolis.

How do you dress for street fashion?

Many designers’ collections heard nostalgic notes in the new season. For example, Diane von Furstenberg created almost the entire collection in the disco style of the sixties. Loose swimwear, shorts ornately decorated with shiny sequins, short knitted tops, and pants with bottoms are introduced to fashionista. All this will set the mood for the upcoming new season.

Underwear style is still one of the main trends. You can combine cut leather or formal jackets with lace and silk tops or blouses. Designers recommend wide pajama pants with fabrics and high heels to emphasize femininity and majesty. And suppose you use massive boots on an elevated platform instead of heels. In that case, the image acquires an exceptional cuteness, appealing to young girls.

 Floral prints and rich colors, introduced in the new collection from Valentino, are not accelerating their popularity. Rough, almost masculine silhouettes are easily enlivened by bright green-orange-red embroidery on straight coats and jackets.

Jeans, skirts, and shorts lost relevance and gave way to more exciting high-rise options. Such models emphasize the style of the seventies and provide the girls with the opportunity to show their slender legs. Such a combination of a closed body and accented long legs will be incredibly relevant, which is the true embodiment of elegance and grace.

Alexander Wang’s collection mixes flowing lace, metallic inserts, and brutal leather elements. Leather and metallic colors continue strengthening their position in fashion, becoming one of the main trends. When creating a casual look, you can combine them with soft and feminine shapes or items made with a classic cut to smooth out too “obvious” “wardrobe.

In evening fashion, plain dresses, enhanced with outstanding and bright accessories, sequins, knitted items, deliberate neglect, and emphasized shoulders, have become relevant. Fashionista have a wide selection of tops with bare shoulders, jackets with shoulder pads, and long trousers that combine with heels, loose sweaters, and blouses. Stylish pleated skirts are perfect for both daytime and evening looks. Still, most importantly, in this case, you need to choose the right accessories.

Seasonal influences have a direct impact on street fashion. Fashion trends from the bright covers of glossy magazines and catwalks go smoothly to the streets of the city and gradually adapt to the current reality:

  • In the winter, layering is at its peak of popularity. A fashionista can choose fluffy fur collars or a thin down-lined vest, which designers advise to wear under a cashmere coat.
  • It is worth cutting dark colors with brighter prints in the spring-summer season to dilute graceful silhouettes. Stylists recommend renewing the wardrobe with off-the-shoulder tops and light pants.
  • When autumn begins, a fashionista can combine warm boots, leather jackets, flowing feminine skirts, and wide woolen trousers with elegant translucent blouses.

Street fashion for women – features

Designers put femininity on the pedestal – draped graceful trousers, long dresses, and translucent, flowing blouses were at the peak of popularity, perfectly showing the beloved Victorian style in a modern interpretation.

At the same time, some fashion designers used brutal elements of clothing to emphasize elegance and femininity. The combination of long knitted dresses with leather jackets, leather pants with lace tops, and thick ankle boots look exciting and stylish. This look is perfect for confident young girls who want to stand out from the crowd and attract attention.

Sneakers and sneakers

For several seasons, lace sneakers have not lost popularity among modern girls. They are an integral part of the fashionable wardrobe. This exciting trend came from Europe, where women prefer more comfortable shoes than high heels.

Heels and elegant boots are best left for a night out, while bright sneakers are perfect for a day-to-day look that can pair with gracefully flowing dresses and classic outfits.

Street fashion
Street fashion


Jeans have always been a valid form of street fashion; girls and women of all ages love them for their comfort, convenience, and, of course, an attractive tight silhouette.

You can combine boyfriend jeans or ripped models with delicate and flowing materials in the new season, creating an exciting contrast. But more and more jeans gave way to pants, so designers introduced several different models.

 Sexy furs and romantic draped dresses are becoming popular, including classic trousers. You can replace jeans with knitted pants made of silk or wool, but the image created will be not only stylish and elegant but also comfortable.

Blazers and jeans

Thanks to such wardrobe elements, you can give the image more simplicity and freedom. Denim tops are popular not only among designers but also fashionista because they are very comfortable and versatile. For example, you can combine jeans with flowing swimwear, t-shirts, trousers, or dresses with a classic cut.

Cropped jackets

Cropped jackets with a round neckline look very interesting and stylish. It is best to choose a model made of a rugged textured material so that you can give the image a little rigor. Such a jacket combines stylish tights or a classic pencil skirt perfectly.

Warm vests and jackets

In the new season, most casual wear brands introduced thin down coats with and without sleeves to the attention of fashionistas. Insulated vests or jackets look very interesting, which designers advise combining with long oversized coats. This option allows you to look stylish and modern in the cold season and gives a feeling of warmth.

Cloak straight classic cut

Recently, straight trenches have become very popular, which designers present in the most unexpected combinations. Such raincoats can be combined with long knitted skirts, culottes, wide-brimmed hats, and voluminous chairs. The cut of a coat will add a romantic look and can be used to smooth out daring and too chic clothing.

Long coats

Autumn-winter fashion could not ignore such a wardrobe item as a long coat. In the new season, long coats with a straight cut turned out to be at the peak of popularity. Still, a fashionista can also add models narrowed to the bottom of their collection.

Long coats can be paired with almost any outfit, making them popular. To make the image bright and attractive, stylists recommend wearing such coat models with massive insulated boots and a wide-brimmed hat.

Bright clutch

In the new season, fashion strikes the imagination with various colors. At some shows, designers presented wine, gray and dark green, while at others, a natural source of color and stylish tropical prints. Stylists recommend combining essential items with bright accents – for example, a small clutch in a contrasting shade would be appropriate.


Suppose you combine several things at the same time correctly. In that case, you can add sophistication to the image and make it more relevant. At the same time, the designers paid particular attention to practicality so that fashionista could put on steel on top of jackets, etc. At the same time, you can combine different textures and colors.


Oversize is at the peak of popularity in 2017. A fashionista can update the wardrobe with a loose coat with a lowered shoulder line, trousers with a wide range (there are almost no restrictions here), a massive knitted sweater, etc.

These things look interesting together with light curtains or geometric lines. To emphasize the elegance of the created image and add a little deliberate negligence, you can wear an oversized coat over a silk dress.


 Sweaters, dresses, and jackets with ethnic motifs will be in fashion. Designers widely used fringe, suede, and decorative print. In the most unexpected versions, the frame was used – short along the edges, playful tassels, and long stripes on the back became the decoration of bags and boots. Stylists recommend combining such elements of clothing with feminine and graceful things.


When the summer starts, this accessory will be simply irreplaceable. Still, at the same time, the glasses look stylish and harmonious in combination with a coat. Designers recommend choosing tinted or tinted glasses; the frame can be of many sizes, as there are almost no strict restrictions.

Mustard colors

Things made in black and gray colors do not disappear from store shelves. Still, many fashionistas are already tired of them. Designers presented in their collections products in the dark green, wine and khaki, olive, and brown shades are no less famous. Still, mustard was at its peak of popularity, which should become an essential item in the wardrobe.

These shades are the epitome of sophisticated naturalness, which can be easily lightened by adding a few bright shades – for example, complementing the image with a romantic clutch with attractive embroidery or colored patent shoes.

By following the above recommendations and tips, each girl will independently be able to create a stylish, harmonious, and perfect image.