Never eat at night: 12 foods you should never eat at night.

Never eat at night

Never eat at night; why should you avoid it? What foods are bad at night? 12 foods you should not eat at night—restrictions on evening meals, valuable tips.

Illegal foods at night are foods that doctors and nutritionists strongly recommend excluding from the evening meal. Primarily, the ladies are used to restricting themselves, so they don’t have to deal with extra pounds later. But should never eat at night 12 foods because they harm health and worsen sleep.

Red meat

As lean and healthy as red meat, it is recommended to consume it during the day rather than eating it at night. The best time for a fresh steak is lunch. Moreover, the method of cooking meat is almost irrelevant. Although the most damage comes from a fried piece, a boiled or baked dish is still not much better.

Experts cite three reasons why should not serve meat at dinner:

  • The product is primarily known for its high levels of tyrosine. It is the most valuable amino acid vital for the body. But that evening, arrival is inappropriate: it leads to a jump in adrenaline. So instead of calming down, there will be a stimulating effect that prevents you from falling asleep.
  • Meat consists of protein, which requires a lot of serious work from the body for complete digestion. For this reason, instead of resting, the body will start working! Of course, sleep will suffer from this.
  • Some doctors warn that sleep apnea can be caused by meat eaten before bed. It is a short-term pause in breathing, which sometimes goes unnoticed, but one gets up in the morning completely surprised. Because his ventilation stopped during the night, his body lacked oxygen. Sometimes convulsions are felt at all: one suffocates. If this is noticeable, then, of course, you should not eat meat at night.

Smoked products and sausages

Such products in themselves are difficult to classify as applicable. Of course, sometimes you want to treat yourself to a sandwich with your favorite sausage or smoked meat. But if this is allowed, definitely not at night.

These products are not recommended for the night either for many reasons. They, like meat, have a component that leads to stimulation and even aggression. Therefore, a dinner with a piece of hot dog or smoked meat will not allow you to fall asleep quickly and satisfactorily.

Such food is also harmful because it is difficult and long to digest. Moreover, unlike red meat in its pure form, it contains excess spices and a lot of fat. Accordingly, the processing will take even longer. So in the morning, you will not be able to get up with a clear head. If the goal is to stay in shape or even lose weight, it is better not to indulge in sausages and smoked meats at night.


The favorite sweet is also not without reason included in the list of foods that cannot eat at night, even though many nutritionists allow only a little chocolate, preferably black, even if strict dietary restrictions are followed to lose weight. However, you can only afford a piece in the morning.

Chocolate is a source of fast carbohydrates and caffeine. It also contains bromine, a relative of caffeine that stimulates the nervous system. Accordingly, the product promotes an apparent burst of energy. So, after eating, you have to toil for a long time and try to sleep.

However, with chocolate, not Everything is so simple. The fact is that it also contains tryptophan. It is an essential amino acid that triggers the secretion of serotonin. It is also called the “hormone of happiness.” So some experts see nothing wrong with reducing stress at the end of a hard day by eating a little chocolate. It is only necessary to limit yourself to a minimum dose to relax, but not to start a new excitement!

Condiments and sauces

Horseradish, mustard, hot peppers, and all sauces based on such products, garlic … Everything that stimulates the appetite is undesirable foods in the evening when you lose weight. Firstly, for the very reason that it will be challenging to avoid supplements with them. If you put a small portion of your dinner on your plate and season it with mustard, you will probably gradually want to add more and more…

But that’s not the only reason to ditch the tasty bedtime supplements. The fact is that all these products also burn, which in itself strengthens. Therefore, you probably won’t be able to calm down quickly and go to bed right after dinner. Or, in bed, you must remember for a long time the events that happened during the day, count sheep – catch a dream, who knows how.

There is another reason to forget mustard and horseradish at night: these foods require a lot of activity in the digestive tract. It takes a long time to work (and if sauces are eaten with red meat or even lighter protein, you need twice as much). After lunch, our body slows down, and the digestive tract activity decreases. As a result, digestion is difficult. The stomach cannot cope with spicy food and will report problems with discomfort. Heartburn, dry mouth, and other pains occur.


It’s hard to imagine our menu without these bright, colorful fruits! Moreover, they are also instrumental. Tomato is a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals. But only by eating right. One of the critical restrictions: you can’t eat tomatoes at night.

But they seem completely harmless!

 Meanwhile, there are many reasons to refuse dinner with such vegetables and even with tomato sauces and dressings:

  • This gift of nature has a pronounced diuretic effect. Therefore, people tease after eating a good portion of tomato salad for dinner. I can’t sleep because I keep running to the bathroom.
  • Giving up tomatoes before bed is doubly important if you have minor stomach problems. The point is that they affect acidity. Since the digestive tract calms down in the evening, activity slows down, and difficulties arise when processing tomatoes. Because of this, heartburn is often annoying, which is an alarming sign!
  • Fresh tomatoes start the stomach. Instead of adjusting to sleep and rest, the digestive tract begins to develop the vigorous activity. At night, the organs need rest. Therefore, such processes are accompanied by a feeling of discomfort and fermentation.
  • With gallstones, tomatoes can even lead to severe aggravation if you eat them at night. As they begin the production of bile, cramping is possible. So, with gallstone disease, you should not eat them before bed!

Of course, a small tomato will not harm a healthy person. But if you want to feel the taste of tomato, it is better not to eat it raw. So the ideal solution is to add some ketchup to your dinner.


What you can’t eat at night are pickles. Even if you want your favorite grandmother’s fix of fish or chicken, it’s better to stop. The same goes for tomatoes, zucchini, and peppers – any vegetable, pickled or pickled.

Conservation can and should be postponed until another day. It is on the list of prohibited foods for several reasons:

  • Marinades and saltwater lead to stagnation of fluid in the body. They contain a lot of salt, which retains moisture. It is entirely unnecessary at night. Overuse of pickles in the evening can even seriously disrupt kidney function. True, it often feels swollen, which is also very uncomfortable.
  • Pickles are appetite suppressants! It is impossible to argue with this. When a jar of crispy cucumbers is on the table, you’ll want a fried chicken thigh for them; you can also have pork chops with garlic. And there’s a hand in a glass! And, instead of giving dinner to the enemy, as the wise people advise, there is a high probability of eating Everything left in the refrigerator.

Cottage cheese

And not only cottage cheese – all dairy products are best consumed during the day, not at night. True, there is no consensus on cottage cheese. Some nutritionists claim that pure protein won’t harm you. 5% cottage cheese contains only 121 kcal (per 100 g). As for why dairy products, in general, should not be eaten at night, questions usually rarely arise.

And yet, let’s put it in order. All milk can be harmful if you eat it for dinner. First, animal protein, even from milk or fermented baked milk, is still a burden on the digestive system. If the digestive tract has increased sensitivity (not to mention lactose intolerance), this is bloated, pretentious, and other unpleasant symptoms. In addition, those who are losing weight should remember the so-called lactose. Yes, it can turn into extra kilos, especially if there is too much of it in a portion.

And now we return to cottage cheese. Why is it not as harmless as it seems, so it is better to have it on the list of foods that should not never eaten at night before bed? It has a high insulin index: it reaches 120. It means that when the cheese enters the stomach and is processed, the insulin level in the blood rises rapidly. And this is a signal to the brain: it must stop cleavage by starting the process of forming fat storage.

C cottage cheese is eaten in the evening, only with a minimum fat percentage. Having at least 2-3 hours is desirable before bedtime.

Cabbage and celery

In general, fresh vegetables are best enjoyed during the day. At night, if they are eaten, they are cooked. Since such products without heat treatment require a lot of effort from the digestive tract to digest. The slightest abnormalities in the functioning of the stomach and intestines are fraught with bloating. But it would help if you were extra careful about eating different types of cabbage, including broccoli and celery.

Of course, these natural gifts are helpful in their own right. However, they are also called nutritionists and one of the first when they list what not to eat at night. Such fibers take a long time to digest. Vital thread metabolizes with a lot of gas. During the day, it is not as critical as at night, when it is difficult to fall asleep, constantly tossing and turning because of numbness and feeling as if the stomach is bursting. So it’s better to have crunchy fresh cabbage and celery for lunch.


What other foods are advised not to eat at night not to gain weight and harm your health? And again, very healthy food on our list: nuts are highly valued by nutritionists. They are extremely rich in various nutrients, including oils. But one cannot fail to notice that the nuts are very oily because of this.

The number of calories in 100 g of the product can be up to 600-700 (depending on the type of nut). Of course, it is better not to eat such good food before bed. And it’s not just that will store the fat in extra kilos. Generally, nuts are processed and absorbed for a very long time. So it is better not to load the digestive tract with them at night.

Sweet fruits

It seems that these are the best foods for sleep! Light, low in fat, and if the fruit is chosen sensibly, it quenches the appetite well and does not wake it up, unlike spices, lots of vegetables, and pickles. But nutritionists think differently.

Of course, fruit is different. And first of all, the fruits that contain more sugar than others are on the “blocklist”:

  • Grapes;
  • Apricot;
  • Peaches;
  • Watermelon;
  • A melon.

Even if they are natural sugars from fruit, they are still fast carbohydrates. So you should not consume them at night if you don’t want to gain extra pounds. And even more, the fruit should be left for lunch; the maximum is an afternoon snack when the goal is to lose weight.

In addition, if sugar is delivered to the body in the evening, an energy bomb is guaranteed after a meal. And these are not the effects that would be appropriate before sleep either.

The diuretic effect is especially worth mentioning. They have many fruits, which their doctors even advise to eat more often – “to cleanse the kidneys.” But of course, such an effect on the body for an evening snack is more of a disadvantage than an advantage because you have to run to the bathroom instead of relaxing and resting.

Bakery products

Sugar and white flour are couples that help create real masterpieces in the oven. But as a result, they produce foods they cannot eat before bedtime.

At first, the body feels a lot of energy because white bread, especially buns, supplies quick carbohydrates. So eating a fragrant crumpet and immediately falling asleep quietly will not work.

A little later (after 2-2, 5 hours), we will feel the opposite effect – a strong feeling of hunger. It is explained by the fact that the body releases insulin in response to sugar intake. As a result, hypoglycemia occurs. Some people wake up in the middle of the night with a feeling of apparent hunger, the one they talk about – sucking in the stomach.

White fluffy buns only, at first glance, seem so soft and easily digestible. In fact, because of sugar and yeast, a riot starts in the stomach – boiling, and fermentation. All these processes certainly do not contribute to healthy and sound sleep.

Never eat at night
Never eat at night

Fatty food

Someone would not even think of eating harmful food at night. But sometimes, even followers of proper nutrition want to eat fried potatoes. Or afford a greasy fish sandwich. However, it is this limitation that is extremely important to follow not only for beauty but also for health.

To understand why a fatty dinner is harmful, it is helpful to study the processes in the body. The temperature drops insignificantly and slightly to fall asleep quickly and get quality sleep in the body. Just 0.5-1 degrees, which we don’t even feel. However, the quality of rest depends on this.

When a piece of fried potatoes, sprouts in oil, or other tasty but fatty foods hits the stomach, a lot of energy is needed to process them. Body temperature does not drop, as it should before sleep, but rises. Because of this, there is a disruption in the production of melatonin – the same hormone necessary for a person to sleep well.

Of course, this is not the only reason you should refuse a fatty and good dinner. If you use such products at night, you will not be able to lose weight – on the contrary. It is also not good for your health. After all, as already mentioned, the stomach and intestines are resting at night and not loaded with food, which requires diligent work.


Generally, what decisions you cannot eat before bedtime should be carefully considered. It is worth taking into account the state of health. But the rule of not filling the stomach will harm anyone, so dinner is the easiest of all meals.