December 2013


Christmas has always been a big deal in my family. When I was in middle school, my cousins would come from Florida to spend the holidays with us in NY. I always woke up super early, from sheer Christmas-morning excitement, and they, being older teenagers, would try to sleep. Well, as the baby of the family, I couldn’t let that happen – I would run into their rooms and wake them up early to open presents. Those Christmas memories have made December my favorite time of year. 

This Christmas is a hard one, because my cousin is no longer here to celebrate. I’ll always have those magical memories of years past, however, I’m saddened to know that we will not make new memories together in the future. 

Last night, I was finishing my latest book, The Signature of All Things, and I came across a quote that soothed me. It said, “I believe that we are surrounded by a host of unseen friends and loved ones, now passed away, who exert an influence upon our lives and who never abandon us”. 

I hold this notion close to my heart. 

Wherever my cousin is, I hope he knows I’m thinking of him always. Although he is not physically present at this Christmas, he is here with us in spirit. 

Happy Christmas.

*Photograph taken by me.