July 2014


 A colleague of mine pointed me in the direction of the Pure Trilogy after she heard about my love of post-apocalyptic teen fiction – yes, that is a genre. 

I loved this series. I am heartbroken that it’s over! I am so torn up about finishing these books that I pouted about starting my next novel. The BF picked up on the problem immediately, “It’s that it’s not teen fiction, right”? 

He’s totally on point – I love a good teen read. I can’t believe I have to venture back into the world of adult literature. As my mom always says, “all good things must come to an end”.

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I decided to write this review as a joint three-booker, because in all honesty, I could not put these books down long enough to write three individual posts. 

The series is centered around several protagonists, Pressia, El Capitan, Helmud, Partridge and Bradwell. All the characters are survivors of a nuclear detonation. Some of them live in a destroyed United States, while others live in a Dome that was protected from the bombings. Those who live outside the dome, like Pressia, are grossly disfigured by the nuclear attack. Many of them are fused to various objects and have burns on their bodies. Throughout the three books, we follow their journey as they try to learn more about what lead to the detonations. The characters also struggle to figure out a way to bring together those outside the dome and those inside it. Unfortunately, joining those that are privileged, and those that are not, does not always end peacefully. 


I love these books. I miss reading them. Between my obsession with post-apocalyptic teen novels, and World War 2 fiction, I think I’ve got my reading list set for life. 

*Collages created by Gabriela Monsanto. Sketches taken from landminecat.blogspot.com, guardiadameianoite.com.br, deviantart.com