First and foremost I couldn’t afford a Celine clutch, I know terribly sad, so I had to make do with the next best option… the Comme Des Garcons clutch. And by next best option, I mean BEST option. I absolutely love this clutch and the color is so great. It really adds that pop. Those photos you see on the internet of bright clutches, it’s true they really look that bright in person! Aren’t you just overjoyed to learn that fact? I absolutely love this clutch and I am so glad I spent 1/4 of my paycheck to pay for it…. haha not exactly, but still it wasn’t nothing! 

Me + Equipment blouses = LOVE 

That is all.


Club Monaco blazer, Madewell jeans, Comme Des Garcons clutch, Jeffrey Campbell wedges, and Equipment blouse 

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On our travels throughout the city the BF and I came across this wall in Soho. Of course I said, “BF pitcha time”! He felt highly embarrassed by said situation (it was a busy street) so we only took a couple photographs… but they turned out great! I absolutely love them. The colors, oh the colors!