Shot of Pink

1blogsize-6208332 Sweater: H&M (similar style here)

Per usual, I’m off in some foreign land (aka Pittsburgh) lying in an uber comfy bed, posting from wifi internet that is not my own. Complaining? I think not! I must admit I do miss the BF (I’m sorry I try to remove all sappiness from my posts but that just had to go in). Anywho, I’m only here until tomorrow and then I’m back to the big apple. That’s right George Clooney from Up In The Air, you have some mileage competition right here.

Shocker of the century? These shoes are from American Eagle. Yep, I’ll just let that simmer with you for a while. And if you didn’t know, American Eagle frequently has insane sales. 

Take it all in and breathe. 


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