Detailed Wednesday


I want to try and switch things up a little on this blog. I think it’s time for a wider variety of posts. You know what that means? Detailed Wednesdays!


 Old Navy cardigan, J. Crew t-shirt, Hollywould necklace 

Has anyone else realized that Old Navy has been hitting it out of the park recently? Did I mention that their stuff is well priced? Me likey. 


I used to work at a store called Hollywould (sadly it went out of business). When I went in for my interview my colleague was wearing this necklace. My mouth dropped when I saw it. I had to have it. So what does Gaby do? Gaby spends her first pay check and buys the gorgeous necklace. It’s unique, so I’m really glad I got it; a nice memory to have from my first job… which I LOVED. *tear*

FYI when the store actually went out of business they had a huge sale. What do mama and daughter do? SHOPPING SPREE. I mean I had to get it from somewhere, right?


 YSL ring, Chinatown Knuckle ring (similar style here)


Rag and Bone jeggings 


 Topshop bag (grad gift from the cuz)


Hollywould ballet flats (similar style here)

Ballet flats were what Hollywould specialized in. Oy, here come the waterworks again.

Highlights of my day include: 

1) Actually getting out of work on time 

2) Finding out that maybe a smaller sized coffee (not my usual 32 oz) is better for me 

3) Finding a new place to take pictures since I get home later now (unfortunately it’s not a very exciting backdrop… but the clothes will always be exciting… or so I hope)

4) Arriving home to a feast (dinner-wise and dessert-wise). Score! 

The Shabby Apple GIVEAWAY is still going on!