The day that Zara came out with online shopping I was on the site at 12am. Even though these pictures are from a month or so ago, I had to show how gorgeously packed this stuff was. It was truly like getting a present in the mail. So exciting! 


Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous… GO Zara! 

Highlights of my day include: 

1) Walking around NYC with the BF

2) Finally making it to M & J Trimmings and buying some great DIY supplies 

3) Making new DIY tassel earrings… so easy! Of course I took pictures to post 🙂 

4) Eating blueberry pancakes at 9:30pm 

I know, usually I have a Giveaway on Saturday but my previous one with Shabby Apple is still open for entries! Check it out HERE (it’ll expire next Saturday).