Baby It's Cold Outside


 LF fur collar, Zara coat, J Crew bag 


 LF fur collar, Club Monaco sweater, Madewell mohair sweater, H&M dress, American Apparel leggings, Steve Madden boots 

Its been pretty cold recently in NYC so I’ve been layering up a lot. The Madewell sweater that I’m wearing is the new purchase I blogged about a couple of posts ago. It’s really warm and cozy, which is very important when braving the cold. I also love the mohair look, it gives it this rugged appearance. The H&M dress I’m wearing underneath is one of my favorite articles of clothing. I purchased it this summer after seeing it on various blogs. I had originally wanted the white version, but was unable to find it in stores. I was living in East Hampton this summer, with no H&M in sight, and came into the city one weekend to search for this dress. I had to ask a H&M employee to help me search for it, which was a little nerve racking seeing as it is so hard to find specific things in their huge stores. I was lucky though, a wonderful sales associate pointed me to the last three dresses in the store (one of them being my size). I was so happy and ended up falling in love with the blue color. I later on saw other articles of clothing at H&M in the same pattern in white, but overall I think I made the right choice. The vibrant blue definitely adds a pop to any outfit. 


I bought these boots several years ago at Steve Madden. I was looking for a great over the knee boot, and against my mother’s wishes, I bought them. They’ve become a staple in my winter wardrobe. When its not snowing or raining these babies are always on my feet. 


This coat was a gift for my 22nd birthday. My parents purchased it from Zara. I had been dying for a chic tan coat. When buttoned up it has a wonderful collar and belt. Zara is the absolute best place to get unique coats for an unbelievable price. I’m only sad I didn’t purchase one of their faux furs this year! Definitely a must for the next winter season.


This is the fur collar featured in a previous posting of my new purchases. I got it from the LF sale, it’s actually the only thing I walked away with. It’s made to be a headband but I prefer it much better as a neck accessory. 



This is my wonderful second Valentines Day present. I’ve always admired Tom Binns’ neon colored necklaces and could never afford one myself (nor was I going to bankrupt my BF into paying for one). This is a wonderful substitute! The necklace is by Adia Kibur and is much much much more reasonably priced. I love the neon green color. The necklace is gorgeous and will surely stand out against any outfit. I’ve become really obsessed with neons lately and this definitely satisfied my craving. I’d say the BF did great this year in the Valentines Day department. 

This weekend will be somewhat of a winter cleaning for me. It’s time to make the apartment sparkle and sleep and relax. Sunday night is the return of Brothers and Sisters which is also a plus. However, a great show ended on Wednesday night, Friday Night Lights. I watched all the seasons throughout college and its termination just reminds me that I’m getting older. If you haven’t seen it definitely check it out, the acting is superb. 

Texas Forever! 

Happy Friday Everyone.