Outfit #2

popsugarblogsize-2809613 I told you I was obsessed with these Calypso blouses. Here is the pale pink one again!  Speaking of obsession, these boots are the new love of my life. I can’t get over the fact that they’re *Steven. The search for inexpensive Isabel Marant look-a-likes is finally over. Hurrah! 

*This an amendment to my post from Sunday evening, they are Steven boots, NOT Steve Madden. 


Calypso blouse, Current Elliott jeans, Steven shoes, House of Harlow necklace, Cambridge Satchel Company Bag 

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I know all of you are going to have a conniption and say, “Omg, your hair is down”! I’m actually shocked myself at how decent it looks in these photographs (definitely some of my favorites ever posted on this blog). Don’t be fooled; my hair is never like this. That’s why I wear it up at all times. I hope and pray that I can pull off the hair-down look another day… it won’t be soon though. Unfortunately, the humidity in NY does not go well with my fro. 

I also want to try and mix up the blog a bit. Any suggestions? My friend Steffy (of Steffy’s Pros and Cons) suggested eliminating the black border around my photographs. Any further thoughts? Are the photographs too big? This is your opportunity to rant people, run with it. 

Highlights of my day include: 

1) Having a laugh talking to my friend about how she snuck rescued kittens into her house, against her mom’s wishes. I was literally laughing out loud at work. I do have to say, the kittens are adorable and I’m not even a cat person (sorry if that upset any cat lovers out there).

2) My mama pre-ordering a limited edition Harry Potter book on how they made the books into movies (yay, go Barbs, you da bomb) 

3) Beginning to arrange an amazing trip with my friend (the one talked about in highlight #1) to Orlando in Nov. (more details to follow… I can’t wait)! 

4) Finding out that my favorite spot to eat by my job (a little cafe literally named Cafe Cafe) actually delivers! I couldn’t believe it. Totally the highlight of my day.

5) Believing that Tom Felton took my advice on twitter (ok, I’m pretty sure he did. I tweeted to him to call the help service about his issues with Microsoft Word, he was going to look it up online instead. Several minutes later he said he was waiting on the phone with them. OMG, he totally listened to me, come on you all know it…amazingness)