Stylist wear: Tricks stylist wear ‘street style.’

Stylist wear

The fashion weeks in Paris, Milan, New York and London have given us several Stylist wear lessons that, if applied, will elevate all your looks this fall-winter 2021/2022.

Fashion month has ended after visiting the four strategic points. Stylists wear fashion: in New York, London, Milan and Paris. Normality has almost entirely returned to the face-to-face parade, with nearly full front rows and a more complete list of attendees than in previous editions. The catwalks of the four capitals have laid the foundations for what will be the most important trends of the next spring-summer 2022 season, and, meanwhile, on the asphalt, the Stylist wears fashion editors. Stylists combine the essential garments and styles of the current season, ultimately defining the trends we will see during the following months of the year.

However, the inspiration offered by fashion weeks goes far beyond predicting future trends or demonstrating how to apply the most popular ones at the moment to daily life. And it is that both the catwalks Stylist wear and the street style always leave impeccable lessons, tricks and style advice that can be applied daily beyond the comings and goings of trends and that do not require too specific garments either.

We review some Stylist wear of the best styling tricks that we have collected from the best dressed in an international street style that can easily apply to turn a good styling into a distinctive look:

Monochrome is always a hit.

There are few things more effective on an aesthetic level than monochrome outfits. And don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be the same tone. You can play with several options within the same tonal range.

Cropped tops with extra-long pants to add centimeters.

Try mixing a cropped top, like this blazer, with high-waisted flared or relatively long pants if you’re looking to gain a few inches with styling.

A red bag always elevates essential looks.

There are a few colors that suit white or black and red. A bag (or shoes) in the most passionate tone are the perfect garnish for the simplest outfits. And even more so if it is completed with a lipstick of the same manner as Alexandra Pereira.

Socks can make the whole look rounder.

Socks have become very important in recent seasons, not for less. If you choose them in the same tone as the styling, you will be able to create a complete harmony.

Stylist wear
Stylist wear

The mixture of styles is one of the great keys of the girls who dress best.

Combining a very romantic dress with military boots, a flowing skirt with school moccasins, or something more sporty with showy jewels are some of the examples that confirm this theory.

Leopard never goes out of style.

Even in autumn, when animal prints are not a big trend, leopard is always an eloquent, timeless and infallible choice. And more if it is completed with a basic white shirt.

Mixing garments from several seasons’ works

Halftime is the favorite time of many fashion lovers for all the options it offers. Try to mix your summer clothes with winter coats without fear.

A different basic can solve the whole style.

A standard white shirt is not the same as a white shirt with embroidery or a silly collar. Opt for a garment with specific details that can elevate a pair of jeans and not overload the rest of the look.

A belt can completely transform a look.

It is worth not forgetting that this accessory helps looser garments feel better or define the waist, but it can also add a touch of jewelry to the most basic outfits.

If you are going to wear a total denim look, pay attention to the accessories

Cowboy on cowboy is always a hit, but in this case, you should pay close attention to the bags and shoes you choose. Opt for plain versus patterned options, and select a material that works perfectly with denim, like leather.

Wide pants stylize more than super tight.

The war declared on skinny jeans is understandable if we consider that flowy pants flatter all body types more efficiently and that, of course, they are much more comfortable.

The sweatshirt rejuvenates any look.

Although many abandon the sweatshirt in adolescence, this garment has lived many years beyond; it is also super comfortable and fits perfectly even with more formal outfits.

Fuseau leggings can be stylish too.

The most trendy leggings of the moment have the power to fit in with more formal outfits. They can be the perfect substitute for your tailored pants for office days if you complete them with a black blazer and stilettos.

Practice the art of ‘layering.’

Adding several layers of clothing is always a successful strategy to achieve more refined outfits. The Danish Emili Sindlev has the evidence with this style of varsity air.

Some colors never fail.

Black, beige or white is always a safe bet. If you make your best fashion investments in these shades, they will last you a lifetime, match your entire wardrobe, and you won’t get tired of them.

Party clothes also during the day

Sequins, metallics and lurex fabrics shine more under the sunlight. And never better said, taking out the most festive clothes and including them in more casual outfits is a style maxim that influencers like Gala González replicate.

Unsuspected color mixes can be the key to good styling.

Although neutrals are always the favorites, the unique mixtures of saturated tones are among the most repeated bets by insiders today.

Better inside

A look changes entirely if the top part is worn inside the pants or skirt or outside. Test in the mirror what feels best.

The simplest gestures can make a difference.

Undoing a few buttons on a shirt or cardigan may seem like a simple gesture, but it nevertheless has a significant impact on the look by optically lengthening the legs.

The tailoring, better ‘oversize.’

Gone is the hyper-tight tailoring; loose-fitting suits are more flattering and offer more possibilities since the jacket itself can serve as a coat or even a dress.