How to Get Rid Of the Odor in Your Closet

Odor in Your Closet

Has it ever happened that a rotten odor suddenly appears in the closet, like some families living in the apartment, and mold that infects clothes?

If this situation is familiar, then you have started your closet, or the high humidity in the apartment has caused the appearance of mold. It is time to start general cleansing; it is desirable to perform it at enviable regular intervals, not to forget preventive measures.

If you do not want to constantly feel the unpleasant odor in your wardrobe, then it is advisable to perform cleaning and preventative measures regularly. But what is prevention, how to remove unpleasant odors and mold, as well as the reasons for their appearance – you will learn about all this from the article.

Why Does A Musty Smell Appear In The Closet?

Find the cause of the problem before cleaning.

Dust Ants

These microorganisms are invisible to the naked eye but they cause many problems. Mighty odors are the result of their appearance. As they live in your closet, sort, and process all the clothes to prevent them from spreading. Do it as follows (the method is not the fastest but it is effective.):

  • Steam your clothes.
  • Wipe each item with 20% brine.
  • Improper Storage Of Items

To prevent unpleasant odors, follow the basic rules of storage. You can find them later in this article.

High Humidity

Frequent problems are high humidity. No matter how ventilated the room, it goes nowhere. Therefore, proceed as follows:

  • Get a dryer, heater, or hair dryer. Dry clothes before putting them on the shelves.
  • Put the activated charcoal on the shelves in the cupboard. Replace it once a month. This prevents mold and odor from forming.
  • Buy a scent recorder from the store and use it instead of charcoal.

If the cabinet is heavily saturated with odor and the reason is your inaccuracy, then it is advisable to follow these tips.

Steps for Cleaning the Cabinet

  • Prepare for cleaning: buy surface cleaners and detergents. If the issue is neglected, buy rubber gloves and a respirator that will protect you when using household materials.
  • Remove items from the cupboard and set them aside – they must be washed. Open the doors and wipe all surfaces with a damp cloth. Open windows, doors, balconies, if any, – the room and furniture should be saturated with fresh air.
  • Start washing. If there are any items that are hopelessly damaged, torn, or unnecessary, discard them. Wash the rest by hand or in the washing machine. Do you still smell your clothes? Soak them in fabric softener for half an hour. Then wash again. That should be enough.
  • Dry clothes thoroughly, and iron with an iron. Put toilet soap on the shelves between the rows of clothes to keep the cupboard smelling good. And now you can put everything in its proper place.
  • Use aromatic ingredients such as coffee, tea bags, cinnamon, natural cotton bags, or whatever you like. They completely neutralize foreign odors and prevent the appearance of others.

Folk Remedies against the Smell of Mustiness and Mold

Sometimes mold and mildew odors are soaked too deeply and you do not want to throw out furniture or there is no possibility. Go to the puzzle. You do not have to return the washed clothes to the shelves. Find her a temporary shelter and go fight against mold on furniture.

Table vinegar is used to eliminate mold. Dilute one part to three parts of water. Use this mixture in areas where mold has formed.

  • Boric acid. The effect is the same as with vinegar. Dilute in the same proportions.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is also suitable for neutralizing mold. Use in the same way as previous products.

Best Buy Materials – Overview And Instructions For Use

If people’s methods have not helped and the soil has turned back, go to the heavy artillery – chlorine-containing chlorine “White”, which is used to clean furniture, plumbing, walls, and other surfaces.

Take the laundry back and wash it. The scent is absorbed very quickly, so do not even hope that you have managed to escape the smell by simply deactivating the item. Treat areas infected with the fungus with “Whiteness”. Wait a bit and wipe everything with a rag and repeat the operation again if necessary. The product is very fragrant, requires careful handling, and discolors tissues. Use only diluted and use protective equipment.

“White” is enough to eliminate mold. But if the tool did not help you or it is not available in the store, buy another. Just make sure it does not eat out of the wood.

Folk and Bought A Fragrance for the Wardrobe

After removing the odor, prepare for preventative measures: buy a flavor or aroma, but you can make them yourself in an improvised way:

The simplest deodorants are charcoal, salt, soda, and silica gel, which you just need to put in a container and arrange on the shelves in the closet. Replaced once a month.

The soap has a pleasant smell that will spread inside the closet. A few small pieces will suffice.

Put beans or ground coffee in a container or canvas bag.

Bottles of used perfume, orange peel or other citrus fruits, dried herbs, tea bags – all this can be used to add to the scent of the closet. Place in a container or homemade cloth bag.

If there are no used bottles, then put a perfume with a pleasant smell. You do not need to spray perfume on your clothes!

To prevent mold, place a napkin soaked in iodine in a jar and cover it with a cotton pad on top. This measure protects you from the return of mold. Iodine is very volatile – stains can appear on clothes.

Put ground cinnamon or cloves in a clove or bag. They will not only enrich your closet with a fun scent but will also prevent moths from appearing.

Buy fragrances and essential oils at the pharmacy. Never use air washing machines – they serve other purposes.

Odor in Your Closet
Odor in Your Closet

Useful Advice

  • Clean the closet regularly: discard excess, broken, torn, and sort clothes. Make an audit every six months.
  • If there are already odors, do not put clean items there – they will soon soak and you will have to wash them again.
  • Do not put wet clothes in the closet, which can become a source of mold and odor.
  • Keep bedding and underwear separate from outerwear.
  • Do not try to add an air dryer to furniture or clothing. The foul odor will not only disappear but it will mix with another odor which will aggravate the condition.
  • Do not mix clean clothes and those that are worn during the day. Ideally, used clothing needs additional storage space. But if you do not have extra furniture, ventilate your clothes at night and put them in the closet in the morning.
  • Leave a bar of soap on the shelves to neutralize any of the unpleasant odors.
  • A bergamot tea bag with aromatic oils is a great way to keep your closet fresh.
  • Put coffee in bags, and put it on the shelves. This neutralizes unwanted odors and adds freshness to the wardrobe.
  • Such bags can be made either by yourself or bought in a store.
  • Put the perfume bottle on the shelf. This will provide a lasting scent.
  • As a precautionary measure, it is advisable to ventilate the cabinet every two months.
  • Clean laundry quickly smells. Do not hang clothes to dry in the kitchen (especially when preparing food), in a smoked room, or where it smells unpleasant.
  • Always close the cupboard door to prevent foreign odors from entering the cupboard.
  • It is advisable to place the furniture in which you store the line so that the sun falls on it. So you can avoid moisture.

It is easier to prevent unpleasant odors than to eliminate them later. It is better to ventilate the closet in advance, put a bar of soap there, and sort occasionally through clothes than to wash the whole wardrobe for one shirt, washing the shelves at the same time. Do not be lazy and clean your entire apartment regularly. This is your home. Make it comfortable for your family.