Nail piercing: How to Nail piercing ?

How to Nail piercing

Nail piercing, how to do or not to do? Characteristics of the procedure, the complexity of the technology. Interesting design ideas, decorations on nail plates with your own hands and in the living room.

Nail piercing is a novelty in the field of nail art. Designers invent all the new interior design options and decide on the most unexpected and original ideas. Relatively recently, such a new trend has emerged: holes in the nail plate with the subsequent attachment of jewelry. Unlike piercings in the ear and other parts of the body, this hole is completely painless. But this does not mean that it can be taken lightly.

What are Nail piercing and a nail hole?

In the field of nail art, new trends are constantly emerging in terms of color solutions for manicures. More and more perfect varnishes and gels are being developed to make the pen look beautiful longer with minimal damage to health. Until recently, there was decoration with rhinestones, sequins, and sticker tricks. Now even manicure earrings are for sale.

Long perforated nails look very impressive, albeit a little unusual. This is the fastest and cheapest way to change your pens. They look feminine and catch the eye. If you choose a tasteful decoration, a manicure will go well with any outfit suitable for different situations.

Once you have prepared the hole, you can change the earrings. And to do it really at home, only after learning the technology to eliminate the unpleasant consequences!

This method of decorating Nail piercing  has disadvantages:

  • There is a risk of damaging the disc if you break the hole-making rules.
  • Earrings can attach to clothing and cause discomfort.

It is also recommended not to experiment with the interior if you initially have problems with your nails. It is a dubious decision to make holes in fragile and fragile plates. Do not rush to update the design by punching, when the nails peel if their surface is uneven.

How to choose decorations for Nail piercing for nail holes?

To change the pens, you should buy the special jewelry. Such products are for sale both online and in specialized online stores. There are options for every taste and color, in a variety of styles. It is better not to spend extra money on jewelry made of precious metals, if only because the earrings can be torn off the nails, unseen themselves, clinging to clothes, some things, on the street, in a public place. Otherwise, they are made of ordinary jewelry.

Rings and nails

From the simplest options, manufacturers have a choice of rings or carnations. Despite the simplicity of the solutions, they are very popular in nail art.

In addition, even rings are original:

  • Double;
  • Triple;
  • Decorated with pearls or stones, pendants, or rhinestones.

Rings are different from pins, primarily in terms of fastening. But the latter option is still considered more convenient. It’s easier to get the ring to something.

Cloves come in a large selection. The surface of the decoration can be solid metal, round or another shape. There are also various decorative elements built into it – for example, stones. Fixing the carnation is fundamental: by inserting the rod into the hole, it is fastened with a nut.

Carnations look original, as the hats are made in the form of flowers, sun, and hearts. An important nuance to attaching such ornaments is to check the length of the rod. If it is too long, it is cut so as not to injure the finger.

The most practical and relatively modest interior can transform an image. It emphasizes sophistication and elegance. If a ring or carnation is added to pebbles, pebbles, the product looks even more interesting. But you can play on the manicure as a whole – put various products in different nails. Rings, for example, are of several diameters.


Such jewelry looks incredibly impressive. However, not all girls choose them for two reasons:

  • Chains are suitable for arrogant personalities who want to surprise and even shock.
  • The interior requires special care.

Chains are used for nail holes in a variety of ways. You can attach them to the rings that are threaded into the disk. But the links are also placed directly in the nails. In any case, one should expect that the movements can be somewhat restricted. With chains, the chances of sticking to something are even greater.

Such decorations are multifaceted. In a way, the original version is a chain, which is attached to the nail with one end, and on the bracelet with the other. The question is – how comfortable is it? When choosing such a solution, keep in mind that the decoration at certain times will definitely cause inconvenience. The price of a chain with a bracelet will be higher.


It is relatively easy to get pierced nails, which will definitely not pass anyone by buying pendants. They are presented in a large selection. You can find a product in any style, in different sizes.

Stylized numbers or letters are interesting in their own way. For example, you can use the initials of first name and last name. It’s romantic to hang numbers on your nails that remind you of the date you met your loved one.

Various silhouettes, animal figures, cartoon characters, characters from books and movies – the imagination of producers is endless. It is quite natural to look for a solution with some meaning and significance. If you choose a picture of an object, then with a subtitle.

Basic rules for Nail piercing

Whatever bright ideas come to mind, you need to remember why a girl does a manicure. If you want the image as a whole to be feminine, and gentle, then it is important to create a harmonious piece of music. Of course, sometimes you want to play with solutions on the border of fair. But still, it is better not to fall for the mood of the moment: you have to walk with holes for some time. And even if at some point you want to do something incredibly expressive and daring, maybe in a few days, if not hours, emotions will diminish and you will have to regret the decision you have made.

They choose options for holes based on two factors:

  • The image of the girl as a whole.
  • Manicure style.

The well-chosen decoration looks uniform. There is no feeling that the nails are not interiors, but foreign objects. That is why the master often recommends stabbing girls with a French manicure. In general, the nails look rather calm and restrained and the earring then becomes an accent that attracts attention.

Monochrome coatings will perfectly complement not one, but several pieces of jewelry. Even simple rings that mimic gold or silver will give your outfit a new twist. The finer and more sophisticated the manicure, the more accurate it is to experiment with piercings to maintain harmony. Let it be perfectly noticeable, very delicate and graceful jewelry.

If a girl wants shiny nails, she can and should decorate them with transparent crystals. Decorative elements with a sparkling color look interesting. But here, too, the sense of proportion is very important, so there is no sense that a woman has simply collected all that shiny that just came to fruition.

Although the procedure is considered simple, there are important nuances that you should learn about in advance. Preferably, buy a special pistol. But you can handle it and make a hole with a sewing needle or a small drill.

Home experiments are not so scary if the woman has artificial nails. Do not damage the “native” posts. If something does not work, remove the nails and give the handles a neat look.

Masters usually recommend piercing the little finger or the ring finger. The point is, that they are less likely to engage in regular household chores. Because the decor can interfere, especially out of habit, and in washing dishes, cooking, and packaging. Sometimes it causes discomfort, even when paying, for clothes.

If you attach a neat earring to your little finger, it will be easier not to use it in different cases. You also need to think about whether you should get holes in both hands and all the same in one. If you have to use your fingers a lot in some kind of work, it is better to limit yourself to the brush that is less involved in the business. Accordingly, it is more appropriate for a person with a right hand to have a hole in the left hand.

You can decorate the nail with a special earring, with a whole piece of jewelry – which is good for what. But the more holes in the disk, the more fragile it is! That is why it is necessary to stick to the “golden mean”. Otherwise, there is a great risk of not decorating yourself but on the contrary, you will have to cut your nails because they will crack.

Street analysis of a nail in the living room

The best option for a manicure with a hole in the nail is to entrust the work to the engineers. This solution is worth considering if you are not sure that you can handle your own efforts without damaging the disk.

The procedure is performed according to the standard system. First, the captain strengthens the record. In the living room, it is more convenient to immediately perform the extension of the gel, than the piercing. If any design is used, the disc is decorated. And only in the last stage is a hole drilled.

They usually use a pneumatic pistol in the living room for work. The master, together with the client, chooses a solution – earrings, a place for its installation.

Next, the actual hole is made in several stages:

  • The palm is placed on a solid, stable foundation.
  • The gun is placed on the inside of the nail so that it is strictly perpendicular to the disc.
  • The captain pushes the button: a smooth and tidy hole is obtained.
  • An earring is inserted and fastened.

When the nail grows back, they usually make the correction according to the classic arrangement but grind the plate down into the hole.

How to pierce nails at home?

Although this manicure has appeared relatively recently, it is already enjoying well-deserved popularity. Because the decoration does not really pass anyone by. Nails stand out, they have their own taste. And even if for some reason you cannot go to the living room, you can experiment at home and follow the rules of conduct.

It is necessary to prepare a comfortable working environment. It is necessary to make the holes on a hard surface so that you can stand freely on your hand and it did not slip accidentally or twitch during drilling – it was constantly lying. It is optional to buy a stand where the palm is placed in a comfortable way, with access to the disk.

Preferably have special equipment available. But you can do with improvisation. Better to start creative experiments by adding nails. Also, the method that the beginner performs is a little easier and safer if the plate is reinforced with gel.

How to Nail piercing
How to Nail piercing

However, they do everything from scratch, in the following order:

  • Prepare tools: disinfect.
  • Wash and disinfect hands.
  • Cover the plate with primer: it is necessary to apply and dry 2-3 coats.
  • Mark where the hole should be.
  • Drill a hole.
  • Wear the earring, and fasten the lock.

If the decoration extends too far beyond the edges of the plate, it is better to bite off the surfer with pliers.

The most important thing in this business is to immediately take a good aim, and decide where the interior is exactly. What experts do not recommend is to make a hole for a hole, because this leads to the fragility of the plate.

Do not feel sorry for the disinfectant. Nail piercing is the case when the processing of plates is not unnecessary. It is better to disinfect it before work, after drilling, and even at the end.

If the manicure is bright and bold, then the design of perforated nails should be limited to this: in no case should you attach artificial, large, multicolored jewelry. This is the case when you do not have to focus on the first available photographs from the Internet and try to repeat the image one by one. The fact is that there are many pictures of Nail piercing from competitions on the Internet where masters simply show their art and therefore it is possible to locate completely incompatible objects in the neighborhood.