Victoria Lux Designer Belt

Victoria Lux Designer Belt

Victoria Lux Designer Belt; Review the design solution of clothing accessories from Victoria Beckham: brief description, features, how and with what to wear it, reviews. The Victoria Lux belt is a designer accessory from the famous Spice Girls singer and wife of the famous footballer David Beckham – Victoria. She has long designed and sewn clothes; now, she produces her accessories. The belt is not leather but elastic, consisting of metal parts, stretching in length. Have two colors – gold and silver. Suitable for any clothing.

The famous singer and member of the Spice Girls group Victoria Beckham present her clothing and accessories line. The beauty has impeccable taste, so clothes made with her participation are quickly sold, even for a lot of money. Not so long ago, Victoria started to decorate clothes, and one such decoration is a shiny belt made of polished metal “24 K Victoria Lux” fixed at the waist.

How much does the Victoria Lux designer belt cost, and where to buy it?

You can only find such jewelry in luxury boutiques. But recently, I came across an official website where you can order this belt with home delivery.

Design Belt Properties

Anything invented by a celebrity gives them extra style. Of course, this is considered a trademark! Buying a designer accessory from a well-known brand is not a cheap pleasure, but it is enjoyable to own and wear. And if the grip is also proper, for example, you can put it on and not feel discomfort. Then it takes great pride in the entire wardrobe and the most beloved of your favorite things. A designer belt from Victoria Beckham can be such an accessory.

In addition to being branded and stylish, the clothing enhancer emphasizes the waist with trousers and a blouse, dress, or skirt. The two leaflets on the front of the 24 K Victoria Lux belt are brilliantly elegant jewels. Still, at the same time, they also carry a functional charge as a closure. Traditionally, the belt is attached to the front, but delicate leaflets can easily adorn the back.

The designer belt 24 K Victoria Lux is 68 cm long and stretches up to 95 cm. It fits comfortably under any clothing and size (except the smallest).

All metal bases, but the parts that makeup 24 K Victoria Lux will not harm your skin or clothing. Thanks to a mechanical metal clip, the accessory is firmly in place.

Outwardly, the Victoria Lux designer belt looks sparkling because it is gold. But Victoria understands that the gold color does not go well with all clothes. Her recommendation, by the way, for colors: light green, black, red. For convenience, the 24 K Victoria Lux Metallic Shiny Belt is also available in a Shiny Silver option that matches most outfits.

In addition to beauty, the 24 K Victoria Lux accessories are practical: it does not get dirty, do not stretch, and do not need to be washed. If a belt is not required, by folding it, you can fit it in your bag and have it when you need it.

How and with what is the Victoria Lux designer belt worn?

Clothing such as belts or girdles often has only a practical purpose – to support pants or skirts at the waist. But it would be wonderful to give some clothes a little elegance, to decorate them with something elegant, shiny, and festive. The 24 K Victoria Lux belt in gold-plated and white metal will make you look more elegant, colorful, and noble in your clothes and emphasize your waist.

For example, Victoria Beckham recommends wearing a belt over a blouse as decorative clothing and emphasizing a thin waist. But you can put it in the loops of the waistband of the trousers and tuck it into your blouse – it will look just as enjoyable. But at the same time, you fasten your pants at the waist. Similar to pants, you can do it with a skirt.

The accessory designer recommends wearing 24 K Victoria Lux with dresses. This wardrobe looks great with monochromatic pieces. For example, golden accessories are best suited for red, light green, black, and white. A designer belt will perfectly draw an edge at the waist if the top of the dress is in one color and the bottom in another.

Both gold-plated and shiny white metal match any shoe, any season.

Victoria Lux Designer Belt
Victoria Lux Designer Belt

Victoria Lux Designer Belt Reviews

Before I buy any product, I like to read reviews about it so that you can find positive reviews even from men for the 24 K Victoria Lux Belt.

Ivan, 30 years old

I gave my wife a friendly metal designer Victoria Lux belt. I liked it myself, and it made my other half happy. Now she wears it with everything and everywhere. The belt stretches well; it is comfortable to wear even with warm winter clothes.

Valeria, 25 years old

I believed the jewelry was earrings, rings, bracelets, etc. But wearing a belt 24, K Victoria Lux on the dress realized that apart from it, nothing else is needed from the jewelry. I only left small diamonds in the ears, and that’s it.

Marina, 31 years old

Recently I bought a versatile designer accessory – the Victoria Lux belt. It fits all over my wardrobe and fits the waist perfectly. I especially love it with black pants; I wear a jacket on top and don’t button it. Sparkles very elegantly on dark, dense materials.

Irina, 35 years old

I have been looking for something glamorous for a birthday night. I picked up a good accessory for an evening dress – a designer belt 24 K Victoria Lux. Gold works well with lace and doesn’t need necklaces or bracelets, so I bailed out too.