Sell from home: What things are good to sell from home?

Sell from home

Sell from home; how to do it at home? More and more people decide to develop their business from home. With the COVID-19 pandemic, these experiences grew not only in America but throughout the world.

Some entrepreneurs had to reinvent their businesses since, in many areas, traditional sales channels were affected. An example of this is tourism companies or catering ventures for face-to-face events.

Others, on the other hand, took advantage of the context to take the leap and start new ventures at home from scratch.

The accelerated growth of electronic commerce in America during this period prompted more people to decide to sell products or services online that previously seemed impossible.

If you also want to have your own business but don’t know what to sell from home, we share some business ideas and the keys so you can start right now.

First thing’s first

If you decide to start selling from home, there is something you have to know: your venture has to be a profitable business.

When thinking about entrepreneurial ideas, finding a balance between what you are passionate about and the economic return it can leave you is ideal. That is, taking advantage of hobbies and interests without losing sight of the fact that it requires time and dedication. Building an online business from home is possible if you have that clear from the beginning.

To begin with, we recommend you put together your e-commerce-oriented business plan; that is, consider your short, medium, and long-term objectives and what strategies and actions you will carry out to achieve them.

Then, you have to define your business model (we will see this in detail later) and how the operation will be so that customers can buy in your online store.

Indeed, at first, you will not have a great work team. Still, as the business grows, you can add more people to your project or even involve your family, as many entrepreneurs who sell from home do.

What to take into account when developing a business from home?

To develop a business from home (that is profitable and comes to fruition), you have to take into account 3 key factors:

  • Business model: what business model will you choose to create yours? The most popular are own production, wholesale purchase, and drop shipping. The model you select will determine the space you will need to produce and store products, as we will see below.
  • Space:  if you have chosen a self-production business model, you will need a production and storage space. If you decide to buy wholesale, you will only require storage space. Still, if your business model is drop shipping, you will not need production or storage space.
  • Team: the business from home has to be able to be developed with a small group. It seems obvious, but it is not. Try to choose products or services that do not require many people working in the same place, neither for their manufacture nor for their commercialization. What you can do when you decide to enlarge your team is to distribute tasks that can carry out remotely, each one from their own home.

Business ideas to sell from home

Indeed, you are already thinking about what you could sell online. We share 4 business ideas to inspire you, with examples of cloud stores!

1) Handmade and self-designed products

Currently, many entrepreneurs choose to create their products and sell them online. You can find fabulous Jewelry, event stationery, home decoration, dolls for children, and sustainable beauty products.

Sometimes, and if space permits, these entrepreneurs have a small workshop inside their homes.

The owners of Jewelry make custom jewelry pieces from their home/workshop. They sell their products through their online store and ship nationwide. Aren’t they beautiful?

He created a line of home decoration products, vinyl, accessories, and more. His creations are produced in Argentina by other entrepreneurs with whom he works as a team.

2) Services 

Selling services from home is a great option, especially for professionals. Can market everything (or almost everything) through an online store.

Whether you mentor, consult or provide photography, illustration, marketing, or communication services, you can sell your presets, photos, e-books, or online courses.

 Figueroa is an illustrator, and through her De Ella store, she 

sells all of her services (illustrations for entrepreneurs, workshops, among others). In addition, with her partner Natalia Rugo, she created Stampy. This cloud store sells personalized stamps for clothing and paper with a strong design imprint.

For his part, Juan Vitali is a photographer and creator of a studio. After developing a specific security accessory for handling cameras, he began to sell some of his services, such as Presets for Lightroom (preset filters for photo editing), and it was a complete success.

3) Pastry, gastronomy, catering

If you love cooking and want to tell the world, this is your chance! The gastronomic field has grown a lot in recent months, and creating a business from a passion can be very satisfying!

By setting up an online store, you will be able to group the different gastronomic proposals that you offer and, in this way, simplify the ordering process.

So did Tami Cabarcos, creator of the cakes shop. She sells cakes for different celebrations, breakfasts, and decorations for events. She decided to open her online store during the pandemic. This way, she could organize her orders and jump to another level in her business.

Josie Bridge and Tommy Perlberger are the creators of Eat Box. They were exclusively dedicated to catering for events. Still, due to the pandemic, they had to reinvent their business. You can find different proposals to enjoy a real banquet at home in their online store.

4) Purchase of products for resale

Another option is to choose a specific product category and buy in bulk to resell. Remember that, in this case, you need to have a significant storage space in your home!

Toys imports wooden toys and, from his home, sells them all over the country. She is in charge of tax management, product storage, marketing, and logistics.

It is one of those ventures at home where his whole family participates, and he even opened a retirement point in his father’s house.

Ana Vogel is a makeup artist and cosmetician. She created the Beauty Style so that her clients could buy beauty products from the comfort of her home. Thus, she quickly displays her catalog and expedites orders, allowing her to generate extra income on top of her professional services.  

Sell from home
Sell from home

Business ideas to do at home

After all these examples and entrepreneurial ideas, we want to make a summary.

 If you are wondering what to sell from home, these are good options to inspire you:

  • Handmade and self-designed products for creative people with the ability to make crafts to sell. A substantial advantage here is that your articles are unique! It gives you strength against the competition: the people who choose your products cannot get them elsewhere.
  • Services such as consulting or advice work perfectly as home ventures. You can offer them through your online store and provide them by organizing your schedules.
  • Pastry, gastronomy, and catering are items that have grown and taken on greater prominence in recent years.
  • Purchase of products for resale, for example, clothing or technology items. It is another venture to do at home that is practical because it does not require a manufacturing workshop or the need for a physical location. In any case, it is advisable to have storage space.

Get to know more 

profitable business ideas. And if you still don’t have an internet presence, it’s time to start selling from home! Create your online store by trying the platform for free for 30 days. We will wait for you!