Women’s underwear: What is the most popular type of women’s underwear?

Women's underwear

Women’s underwear; what is the most popular type? Types of women’s underwear, features of their use, recommendations for choosing underwear. Today, there are so many types of women’s panties on the underwear market that every woman can choose a comfortable model according to her figure and personal preferences.

Types of women’s underwear

To decide which type of underwear is right for you, you need to know the characteristics of each type:

  • Notes … Comfortable, wide enough panties that cover the bottom completely. Their characteristic feature is a wide side wall and a slight smile on the waist. They don’t get stuck between the buttocks, are invisible under clothing, and fit the body well.
  • Seaweed … This is a smaller piece of underwear with two triangles – front and back. A thin strip of fabric connects them. In some models, the triangle string at the back is not present.
  • Heavy shorts … The model is distinguished by the presence of wide translucent or lace inserts on the front and back. These panties show the bottom of the butt but don’t reveal it ultimately.
  • Shorts … They look like regular mini-shorts; they are pretty closed in both the front and back. They often have a slimming effect.
  • Tanga … The model is similar to Tanga; only it has higher sides and a wider band connecting the front and back.
  • Bikinis … are distinguished by a petite fit. The classic version of this model is beach pants with ties on the sides.
  • Push up … Thanks to their unique shape and dense material, such products provide a feminine curve in the waist and hips. Raised panties with a high waist helps to improve the figure, hide extra pounds in the abdomen and increase the volume of the buttocks. They are wide enough in the hips and fit over the waist.
  • For pregnant women … The particular period of pregnancy cannot be overlooked, so manufacturers have developed special underwear that considers the anatomical features of a pregnant woman’s figure. The main thing in such models is natural materials and pressure on the abdominal area.

When choosing a model, please pay attention to the material from which it is sewn. Modern women’s underwear can be either natural – cotton, bamboo, silk, or fully synthetic with the addition of elastane and nylon. Of course, choosing a product made from raw materials is better. But if you want to buy a readymade model, consider that there is a cotton seat inside.

A selection of Women’s underwear

The choice of the model must depend on your parameters and the type of image. Some underwear can emphasize your advantages and hide your flaws. In contrast, others, on the contrary, will make extra kilos noticeably larger and create the effect of short legs.

How to wear bills

Women’s slip-on panties are considered a classic and are great for everyday wear. You can wear them both on “important” days and for sports, parties, school, or work to show off in front of your beloved man.

They are of two types:

  • High-waisted maxi … Ideal for tight, slim dresses and pencil skirts. They will tighten the stomach slightly and make the waist look even smaller.
  • Low A-line cuts … Invisible under skirts, shorts, and jeans, “sitting” on the hips.

Women’s panties always have an elastic waist. Can decorate them with delicate ribbons, bows, lace, elegant patterns, or designs.

But you must leave the classic labels if the butt shows you too much and bulges again. They stop being invisible and stand out under the clothes.

One of the variants of the model is a ticket. Such underwear is designed to facilitate sports training and differs from the classic in the broader side wall.

Attention! Underpants should not be tight, dig into the skin and leave traces of elastic or stitches on it.

Use seaweed

Thongs appeared as an accessory for striptease, but they quickly became used everywhere. Tiny underwear, characterized by sexuality and grace, is loved by many girls and women. It goes with any outfit, looks good without it, and is even allowed when a thin string extends beyond the low waist of the pants.

There are 4 types of panties:

  • G-string … They have a big triangle in the front and a small one in the back. Most often used as an underwear model.
  • V-string … They represent the three-dimensionality of a triangle in the front, like in the G variant, and a small one in the back. We can say that there are almost no material strips there.
  • T string … The second triangle is absent; instead, there are only interconnected strings that form the letter, T.
  • C-string … The panties don’t have elastic on the side; instead, they have thin silicone bands. The model has a rigid frame that holds the front and back sides.

Most gynecologists agree that daily wearing of such underwear is unacceptable as there is a high probability of getting fungal infections, for example, candidiasis and irritation of the mucous membrane of women. It is recommended to choose only products made of good cotton, use them for special events or a romantic evening when they do not have to last long.

It is very convenient to sunbathe in women’s underwear because such types are often used for swimwear.

How to choose shorts

Wide insets on the sides and the pope distinguish the panties from their ancestors. They look playful and romantic, especially for those with small and firm butts.

However, it is better to reject this option if you have short legs. The shorts will visually make them even faster. It doesn’t matter when you wear them under your clothes. But if you plan to eat with your loved one in underwear, choose a different model.

Also, thong shorts are not suitable for women who do not have elastic. In this case, the part of the buttocks not covered by fabric can bulge behind the product and create an unsightly bend in the clothes.

Types of women’s shorts

Comfortable, loose panty-shorts are a staple for many girls. It is the most closed underwear model. They are suitable for everyday wear, do not clog between the buttocks, look beautiful and fit the body perfectly. Shorts are often decorated with lace or fun patterns.

There are the following types of this model:

  • Boxing … Unisex track pants; the lower part drops slightly to the legs and wraps around the hips. The upper elastic is at the waist.
  • Boys’ shorts … differ in length from the front to the back. Many manufacturers equip the model with a unique elastic band that lifts the buttocks.
  • Penti … High trousers with a wide elastic band at the waist. They are similar to boxers, only shorter: they do not wrap around the legs but end at the bottom of the buttocks. Dense and elastic, pentis are invisible under clothes and hide extra kilos.
  • Briefs-Belt … A characteristic feature of these models is the presence of removable clips to support the stockings. They are made of lace and are considered a must-have for aristocratic girls.

Many people are used to buying underwear “by eye.” As a result, when trying on at home, it turns out that they are too big or squeeze the thighs or buttocks too much. To avoid losing your choice, research in advance the correspondence of international sizes (S, M, L, etc.) to the size of hips and waist.

It is necessary to determine your parameters: the waist is measured at the thinnest point of the abdomen, and the hips are measured along the bones.

What are thong panties?

Briefs or thongs are the prototype of thongs, only broader and higher and therefore more comfortable. They emphasize the long legs of beautiful ladies, and the width of the connective tissue does not allow the panties to clog between the buttocks. These products mainly sit on the hips; they have a low waist, and the front cut can be V-shaped.

Thongs are often made of lace, decorated with rhinestones and bows. You can find possibilities for fun with your chosen ones when fluffy bunny tails, miniskirts, or airy ruffles are sewn into the line.

Many kinds of tanga are Brazilian. These panties are slightly wider at the back and hide half of the bum. The back is always covered with lace—a very emotional and soulful choice.

Advice! To enhance your beauty, choose colors that match your skin tone. If you have pale skin, bright underwear is a great choice. For girls with darker skin, warm, delicate shades are suitable.

How to wear a bikini

Bikinis are tiny panties that do not stick out from pants or shorts with the lowest rise. They are two triangles; the back is slightly larger than the front, connected by thin material on the sides. The classic bikini, which barely covers the intimate area, regained popularity in the mid-20th century.

Among the modern models, the following can be distinguished:

  • Bikini panties … are distinguished by many braids or intertwined thin threads on the sides. A round neckline adorns both the front and the back.
  • Devan Darier … The two squares from which the bikini is sewn are narrowed as much as possible on both sides. It is an excellent option for conquering men.

Advice! If you want to hide the presence of underwear as much as possible, choose seamless options. And remember that only black panties go with black outfits, white or beige panties.

Push-up shaping panties

Push-up models allow ladies with a few extra pounds to feel confident and sexy. As a rule, these panties have no seams so you can wear them with bodysuits and short skirts. The high waist limits the choice of jeans, shorts, and pants. Such clothes should fit the height, so the underwear does not peek out.

Should choose women’s plain panties strictly according to your parameters. If the volume of your hips is in the upper limit for size M, then it is better to choose larger underwear, that is, L. It will ensure their invisibility under clothes and comfortable wearing.

Do not worry that such underwear will hurt your health. The manufacturers took care of this and made it suitable for daily use. The panties tighten excess fat without interfering with natural blood circulation.

Push-ups do not require special care; it is allowed to wash in a washing machine at a water temperature of 30 degrees.

Women's underwear
Women’s underwear

Maternity pants

As soon as you learn about your sensitive situation, immediately review your wardrobe. Put your readymade knickers in the back drawer; you won’t need them for at least another 9 months. It is especially true for girls with a history of gynecological diseases.

During pregnancy, immunity decreases, diseases such as dysbiosis, candidiasis, and skin diseases can worsen, and abnormal tissues exacerbate the problem many times over and contribute to the progression of the disease. It is also better to refuse the so-called “breathing” artificial substances.

Unique maternity pants are always made of high-quality natural material, usually cotton.

There are two types of such linen:

  • Small waist models … are the most popular. They can be bought in the first trimester and used during pregnancy. In the future, the line will also retain its importance.
  • High-waisted panties … With this option, the material penetrates the stomach but does not squeeze it. You will not be able to wear these underwear after the baby is born. Still, during pregnancy, it is very comfortable: it slightly supports the expansion of the stomach, does not interfere with movement, and does not slide down when walking.


A large selection of underwear allows you to choose the most suitable model for any event. Classic tickets for everyday wear, shorts – for sports, bikini, ultra-cut pants or jeans, seaweed, and seaweed for a stormy party or a romantic evening. But remember that when choosing underwear, you need to put comfort and convenience first and only consider fashionable style and graceful appearance.