I saw this Backstage dress on Ashely Tisdale and just had to have it. The shoulder detailing is awesome. I tried very hard and long to convince myself that this would be long enough to be a dress on me…. forgetting all the while that Ashley Tisdale is ten times shorter than me and has no boobs. So what is a dress for once person is now a tunic for me. As I always say, that is life. I still love it though. 

Definitely fulfills my need for a lace dress (or lace tunic in my case). 


Kova and T leggings, London Sole shoes, Zara jacket, Backstage dress, Chanel handbag

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YSL, Forever 21 cross, David Yurman, Tiffanys bracelet

So, one of the big surprises that happened in my life recently (which I have yet to reveal on the blog) is… drum-roll please… I won a Proenza Schouler PS1 bag from Fabsugar.com! That’s right ladies (and maybe one or two gentlemen) I won a PS1 bag FO FREE (retail price is $1,995). I entered Fabsugar’s look of the day contest by submitting my photo and received a notice in my Fabsugar inbox that I won. You can’t imagine how ecstatic I was, I literally couldn’t stop shaking. To make matters worse, I found out at work. So for an hour after I heard I was literally jumping out of my seat with excitement… eventually I calmed down. 

Below my excitement over receiving and opening the package is revealed. 

*Please excuse my bra strap that is featured all too much in these photographs. This really wasn’t my shining moment beauty wise*

bag7blogsize-4441053 bag8blogsize-6324707 bag6blogsize-5976419 bag5blogsize-2102233 bag2blogsize-6327017 bag4blogsize-6596192 bag3blogsize-2171235 mewithbag1blogsize-9357407

My mom, being the darling and caring mother that she is, went to Fedex to pick up the package. For days I heard nothing but, “I went out of my way to get that package for you Gaby, an hour added to my commute”! I love you mama but it was definitely worth that extra hour. She also attempted to convince me to let her open it for me, so she could “make sure” it was the right package. That Barbs, she’s such a character. 

This fairy-tale, ended as you would imagine, with my prince… aka a PS1. Love at first sight.