Lovin 'Dem 70's


Whenever it’s even the least bit sunny out we head up to Columbia’s campus to hang out and walk around. I feel so old when I’m there now, like my time there was years before when I only just graduated last year! When I went there whenever there was sun EVERYONE on campus would come out and sit on the lawns. We’d play sports, drink, have water fights… it was insane. They’d even have the food carts come on campus for us to eat from. Those were definitely some of my most memorable and fun times. 

The Zara top I’m wearing I bought about a year ago at Zara. I’m very happy I purchased it because polka dots are everywhere now! I love the layers in the front as well as the bell-esque sleeves. The top only adds to my overall 70’s ensemble. Hey, Columbia was a very cool/politically active campus back then, gotta represent! 


Zara blouse, Hollister belt, J. Brand jeans, Alexander Wang bag, Jeffrey Cambell shoes, Ray Ban sunglasses, Forever 21 jacket 

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My BF is Korean (I think this is the millionth time I’ve mentioned this lol) so we like to shop at the Asian markets here in the city, they have some incredible food. The one we usually love is H-Mart, but unfortunately, the one in the city is miniscule and hard to maneuver around, so we hit up M2M which is about a block or two away from Columbia. I used to go there to buy food before I even met my BF so it’s funny now that it’s become one of our places. They have a huge selection of great Korean food and side dishes, so its a wonderful alternative to H-Mart. 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! 


Until tomorrow.