Winter fashion 2022: What’s fashionable in winter 2022

Winter fashion 2022

Winter fashion 2022  will completely eliminate boredom and depression! Among the clothing models presented is a real riot of colors. You can sew many of them yourself.

Check out what’s new in the fashion of winter 2022. These are various fur coats, hats, jackets, coats, and sweaters. You can sew and knit some models with your own hands.

Winter fashion 2022: bright coats

Looking at a model, it is clear that it is quite simple to sew a fur coat of this type with your own hands.

All you need is:

  • Faux fur tabs;
  • Detachable zipper;
  • Lining material.

If you have an old jacket that you don’t wear, don’t throw it away, tear it up. The unique details of this item will be a great pattern for a new item. If there is no such thing, then shoot a pattern to your size.

Even if you have small tabs, they work. Mark the shelf where the brown skin and the blue or purple skin will be located. Cut out this information according to the pattern. Sew them and sew a patch pocket and a cut pocket on the blue half. Use a white zipper to finish. You will also sew a back from pieces of colored leather. Sew on the collar. You need a little more fur for the sleeves.

In particular, rely on patterns, cut, and sew the lining. Then put it in your main fur. Sew up with tape to the hem, and connect the base and lining together at the same time. Between these two canvases, one half of the zipper should also be placed on one side and the other on the other.

Sew the worm back in place.

To make it more convenient for you to grind the zipper, first sew it to the lining fabric and then to the front, fur.

Do not forget to cut out the lining for the pockets. Sew a zipper here.

Winter fashion 2022 offers women more extravagant looks.

  • Green tight tights match a dress in the same shade. The dress has pink polka dots, this is the color of the next outerwear. It’s also pretty simple to do. If you have a jacket of this color, it is enough to sew pink fur or such yarn on the shelf and back with thread and needle or crochet hook.
  • And to sew a similar dress, make a deep cut to the left and decorate it with a ruffle. It also goes along the hem.
  • Put some wide elastic bands around the waist to highlight this line. To do this, sew a canvas of the desired size to the sewn side, and make a line so that it connects the sewn and front fabric. Insert the elastic. Or you can take a wide elastic band and stretch it, sewing it immediately on the wrong side.
  • Also, using elastic bands, and also a ruffle, create a neckline for the dress. It remains to focus on the eyes and the look for the winter fashion 2022 is created.

By the way, during this period, special emphasis is placed on the eyes. For a long time, they put more emphasis on the lips. As you can see, the models almost do not focus on the lips, but the eyes are focused on a bright shadow or an eye lens with arrows.

The material for the next new thing is quite diverse and warm. Sleeve 2/3 long. This warm jacket is decorated with a fur collar. As you can see, the fashion of 2022 calls for the use of faux fur. This development will delight all animal lovers.

If you have old-fashioned fur, do not throw it away. After all, winter fashion 2019 involves the use of such.

Paint this rarity a light burgundy color; use a dark belt to emphasize the waist. Then you will be the most fashionable this season.

Long dark leather coats have become popular again. It is enough to add such a wide leather belt and a handy bag in the same color.

High boots almost to the knee are the trend of this season. It’s good if they match the jacket. It is possible to sew from white and dark fur. In this case, white fur will be lining, trim and collar at the same time. You need to reshape the pattern and make paired pieces from these two types of fur. Then you will see a dark and a light jacket. Place the white one inside the brown and connect these elements along the edges and on the sleeves. Make a comfortable hook or loop with buttons.

It’s time to remember the 60s and 70s. It was then that warm pantsuits in a large cage and boots with massive heels were in fashion. You will feel comfortable in this new one.

But if it’s cold outside, it’s good to be in a car or, since the winter is not very cold, in such pants.

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Winter fashion 2022
Winter fashion 2022

How to update your wardrobe – fashion jackets 2022

It is also comfortable to wear such equipment because such jackets are light, do not restrict movement, and are warm at the same time. It’s fine if you managed to buy something like this new, but there is a length in the sleeves. You do not need to cover them during this period. Such a factor is all the rage. And you don’t need to bring gloves because your hands are already warm.

And if they get a little cold, you can always put your palms in the pockets. If the jacket is white and black, make it with a red lining and zipper of that color. A hat and boots in these colors will complement the fashionable look of 2022.

  • If you have such a jacket but it is old and the lining has become unusable, open the lining, open the side seams and iron it.
  • You will have a pattern of two shelves, back, and sleeves. Attach these pieces to the new red lining and pin it down.
  • Cut out these patterns without seam allowances where they are already there. Now sew the lining parts from the new fabric and sew them to the jacket.
  • Place the zipper vertically between the main fabric and the lining fabric and sew on the sewing machine.

You will feel comfortable in a long jacket, especially if you have a sleeveless jacket on top to match. This element is sewn to the jacket at the armhole. If you need to update your outerwear, buy or find a home canvas in the desired color, and cut out elements of a vest from it.

As you can see, the winter fashion 2022 is very loyal. You can even turn an old coat into a stylish item. Open the sleeves out of it and use two shelves and a back together with a huge collar as a vest for this jacket.

Shorts are in fashion that allows a woman to show off her beautiful ankles. If white suits you, then wear trousers of this color, which go well with a light jacket.

If you like loose pants, then be vigilant about the pants.

You need to use bologna and feed. Dig out of these two types of pants. Fold them with the wrong sides on top of each other, and place the elements of the upholstery polyester pattern between them.

Now use lines and chalk with stripes on the sewn side, diagonally to one side and the other.

Make a seam, after that you need to sew the details of the pants together, and stitch the bottom.

You can sew a soft elastic on top that will be a comfortable belt.

If you do not want the side seams to be visible on the inside, place the prepared winter equipment on the wrong part of the main trousers, and place a lined newspaper or paper on top of the prepared winter equipment. Fasten together. Make a line, rely on the markup, then just remove the newspaper or newspaper. In particular, you sew lining pants, put them in the main ones, and work the bottom, the belt, and the pockets.

The jacket is also decorated with stitching. Fur hood and pocket. This will allow the old coat to be used and give it a second chance.

Knitted items – winter fashion 2022

They don’t go out of style, but they change a little every year. Handiwork is always appreciated. So try knitting a sweater for winter fashion 2022 to give you a cozy warm garment.

Since everyone’s long sleeves are angry these days, just tie them up. At the bottom, they end with a pod. If you need to do something, simply insert your bladder and your palms will be free. The front and back of the sweater are made with satin stitching at the front. That is, on the face you knit with the face, on the wrong – with the scarf. The result is a facade.

Start by making cuffed sleeves. To do this, knit two front two loops on the front of the face. And on the back, follow the same row, but knit them at the front with the loop, and purl with them at the front. Then you get 2 by 2 gum.

You can create such an interesting pattern if you knit so that there are two rows of loops on the front of the face, one row of loops. Repeat this pattern almost on the shoulders, but after knitting finishes the front. Then you can decorate the sweater with brown ribbons. A bag of the same color will complete the look.

Many people already know that the symbol of 2022 is the yellow earthen pig. Therefore, be sure to create clothes in such a color scheme. In this case, the skirt can be made of artificial leather. The jacket is original, it has a diagonal collar and the collar is trimmed with a scarf. When it gets cold, you can put it around your neck and keep warm.

The next trendy sweater is also quite original. You need to knit an expression pattern of a scarf separately, sew it to the neck and then tie it to the side. You won’t be cold in winter in such a dress either.

Winter Fashion 2022 is not only calm but also colorful colors. Knit a jacket made of soft mohair in four colors. You will work the fastening, the bottom of the sleeves and the lips, as well as the neck with knitted elastic from white threads.

Lush shoulders are back in fashion. Therefore, when knitting a sweater, check this. At the top of the armhole, you must thread each sleeve and sew it on.

  • Knitting a vest is easy. After all, there is no need to make sleeves here. And the canvas will be straight. Start knitting from the bottom. When you reach the shoulders, begin to decrease, and in the middle of the shelf and at the back, close the loops so that a circular neckline is formed.
  • Then you will cast the loops up and tie the elastic here, sew it on the outside and sew here with a blind stitch.
  • If you find the skill, you can tie just such a star in the center of the stick. If this is still difficult for you, sew it on top of the sweater.

For such a finish you can use not only threads but also ribbons. Eating embroidery is also the trend of the 2022 season.

When trendy, colorful costumes are all the rage again. This outfit is perfect for the Year of the Pig. After all, she calls for using natural sunglasses. The skirt and sweater are made in the same color scheme with a pattern imitating oak leaves.

Coats – new for the winter fashion 2022 season

Of course, winter fashion 2022 cannot be without this outerwear. Coats can be trimmed with matching fur. If you plan to sew this outerwear yourself, use a pattern with raised shoulders. Take the braces to label them.

Such a cover emphasizes the waist and figure in general. But if you have something to hide, or you love the loose style, pay attention to the next model. It has a double collar, and original pockets. Such a coat includes low shoulders, in which case the shoulder pads are not required.

If you like cuts, take note of the following cuts. If you are going to sew killer fur yourself, have it cut on the sides. The belt is tied at the front; it turns out to be a rather massive knot.

You can add a fashionable coat with an asymmetric coat on the shelves and on the back, as well as a shoulder strap. If the coat is gray, wear a red leather belt and boots in the same color.

Winter fashion 2022 allows you to choose from a variety of recommended coats. If you like trapezoid outerwear, then you will also be in fashion. Such a decomposing collar folds nicely on one side and forms a wavelength. It is consistent with the bottom of the sleeves, which hang freely.

  • Knitted hats;
  • Hats;
  • Panamas;
  • Hats with long ears.

A hat with a large brim can be trimmed with bright piping. This accessory looks good on ordinary materials.

If you like Panamas, you can sew or knit this type of hat.

To shape this headpiece after washing, place it upside down in a 3-quart glass jar and let it dry. You can not only knit but also sew a Panama hat; it is also in fashion in 2022.

As you can see, the two designs work well, so you can use them to create this kind of headwear.

If you enjoy knitting, use this technique to make a hat with big ears.

It can be made not only from threads but also from fabric. If you sew a hat like this, you can tie it under your chin in cold weather and keep it warm.

And if you like leather goods, then also wear headwear with big ears. It is not difficult to sew leather horns of the same type on a boot and sew a bag from the remnants of this material. Short leather jackets and leather skirts will add to the fashion look of winter fashion2022.

By the way, this also applies to accessories, but do not forget to choose a handbag to match. But it can be different in color, but it is done in the same way as the main equipment.

Boots should also match the chosen look. They can be long, trimmed with fur, straps, or bright ribbons, if your appearance requires it.

If you like shiny boots, you can buy these, but it is not difficult to glue them on your old rhinestones to upgrade them.

At the same time, these elements can be arranged so that there is free space on the side and it creates a certain inscription. You can also use words in the form of stigmas.

The following boots are also all the rage in 2022. You can make these from the ones you already have. To do this, you need to sew several chains here in a certain order and decorate the boots in this way.

If you like practical sports shoes that don’t get wet pay attention to high shoes. You can walk in them in the forest and in nature during the winter season, in cold weather and when there is a thaw.

As you can see, winter fashion 2022 is very diverse. Therefore, every girl and woman will be able to choose exactly what is closer to her in style and spirit. And in order to finally decide this.