Casual style: Unusual styles for men and women

Casual style

Casual style; are more popular? Every girl and man wants to dress not only in a stylish way but also to feel as comfortable as possible. And today, it is likely because the casual style is becoming increasingly popular daily.

Suppose you prefer comfort and practicality when composing your fashion images. In that case, the casual style is an ideal choice for you. Translated from English, “casual” means “ordinary” or “every day.” But many people don’t quite understand the concept of this style and believe that you can wear whatever comes to your mind. Over time, the perfect formation of this style took place, which today is very popular among different categories of people.

Casual style: a look at the history

The casual style attracts and fascinates people who prefer laconic and straightforward forms, a relaxed look, and the absence of pretentious and overly complicated elements in clothes. Today, this style is usually positioned as comfortable, casual, and practical. Still, at the beginning of its existence, it was considered one of the most extravagant and striking trends.

It is worth familiarizing yourself with the most fundamental historical moments in the formation of a casual style:

  • In the 1950s, a particular group of young people – the Teddy Boys – began to gain popularity in Britain. This group of young people was financially well-off and completely independent. They had the opportunity to buy fashionable and expensive clothes and preferred slim pants, sweaters, and long jackets.
  • In the 1960s, a new youth group adopted chic clothing. Named this group Modos. The brightest and most famous representatives of this era were the members of the legendary musical group The Beatles. As a result, young people and fans began to actively imitate their idols, who wore long and narrow belts, offered pants and cropped jackets, and fashionable clothes.
  • In the 1970s, in the small Scottish town of Aberdeen, football club fans began to dress not in clothes with team symbols but in stylish designer clothes. Real fashionistas and fanatics have followed their favorite team to fashion capitals.
  • In the 1990s, the casual style began to take on sharper and more expressive contours. It was widely promoted by famous designers who introduced it in their collections. The founder of this style is the Italian fashion designer Nino Cerutti. Following him, other well-known fashion designers began to use the brevity and simplicity of images in their collections.

Advantages of casual style

Casual is a modern clothing style that has many advantages and benefits compared to other fashion trends:

  • Versatility … Casual clothing is very versatile because, in this outfit, you can go for a walk around the city or to a business meeting or an interview.
  • Individualism … The central concept of this style is the freedom to choose clothes because there are no boundaries and clear frameworks. There is complete freedom to express your individuality through clothes and choose the most comfortable combinations of clothes.
  • Interchangeability … This is one of the most comfortable and convenient clothing styles because things are best combined. Therefore, now there is no need to spend time picking items and thinking about how to incorporate this or that right. The main advantage of casual style is that all clothes complement each other perfectly.
  • Not subject to changes in fashion … Clothes chosen in a casual style always look attractive, fashionable and harmonious.

But there is also a severe drawback to this style; choosing a picture, there is a risk of looking too bland and a little boring. Consider that wearing comfortable jeans and a white t-shirt is not enough. Learning how to enhance clothes with accessories and other elements properly is essential. A casual wardrobe is very versatile. These items are ideal for events with a strict dress code, visiting a cafe with friends, or working out at the gym.

Features a casual style

The main characteristics of this clothing style are:

  • The prints on clothes are not too bright and familiar. For example, a classic cage or strip is often used. Clothes can also be plain or with smooth color transitions.
  • A harmonious and genuine palette. The best combination of colors like khaki, white, blue, gray, and blue. True fans of this clothing style have almost no restrictions when choosing a color palette. It is essential to follow the main rule – it is necessary not to combine too many tones simultaneously.
  • Clothes in this style are made only from natural materials that are comfortable to touch. For example, it can be cotton, soft leather, wool, silk, or linen.
  • A casual look excludes ruffles, sequins, sequins, and frills.
  • One of the main characteristics of this style is the presence of a large number of accessories. A stylish girl’s daily look is impossible to imagine without a beautiful shoulder bag, a comfortable backpack, a hat, or a scarf.

A new trend in casual style

The freestyle has one feature – it is often subject to various changes in the fashion world. Fans of this trend have an excellent opportunity to combine high-quality and beautiful things, which are not only a reflection of the inner world but also as close to them in spirit as possible.

There are a few key trends that have been gaining popularity recently:

  • Embroidery on clothes … Fashion designers present a wide range of exciting embroidery on jeans, t-shirts, and blouses in their collections.
  • Stripes – trendy print … This pattern is simple enough and familiar to many because it is often used in a casual style. There can be stripes of adjacent colors or contrasting colors.
  • Laces … This decor element looks stylish and compatible with casual clothes. However, the lace mustn’t look too provocative and rude.
  • Use of leather … Natural and high-quality leather is used as one of the materials in certain aspects of the wardrobe. It is one of the most functional and durable materials that couldn’t help but be used in casual clothing. It can be, for example, leather leggings, jackets, bags, or boots.

Comfort and simplicity are one of the main criteria for casual shoes. It is worth giving preference to sneakers, ballet flats, espadrilles, stipends, and loafers.

Casual style
Casual style

Fashion look for women in casual style

Thanks to the rapid development of fashion, every girl can choose a comfortable casual look. With the help of clothes, you can show your individuality and reveal your inner world.

The leather jacket and jeans look.

The combination of jeans and a leather jacket is considered a classic because such an image always looks fashionable, stylish, and harmonious. You can choose light-colored jeans with holes in the knees. It is worth adding a light, light blouse with a V-neck to give the picture a little tenderness and romance. A stylish bracelet or a beautiful watch is ideal as an accessory.

Sweaters, vests, long coats, and skinny jeans

It’s the perfect look for an evening walk on a fantastic summer evening. It is worth stopping the choice of clothes made of natural and comfortable materials to the touch. Can dilute the classic combination of a white t-shirt with blue jeans with a coat in a contrasting bright shade. This touch will give the image more personality and brightness.

Dress shirt and chino look

It’s the perfect way to go to college, go shopping, walk with friends in the city or relax in nature. To create layering, it is worth choosing the fitting sweater, jacket, or jacket of a shade next to a shirt is ideal.


Any girl can combine a black leather jacket with tight pants of the same shade. However, this look can look a bit gloomy, so it’s worth focusing on shoes in a contrasting color. For example, sports transport or classic-shaped sneakers would be a great choice.

Heels and jeans look.

Many girls fell in love with this combination of clothes. This image helps to look formal and quite strict at the same time. You can combine classic pumps with a thin stiletto heel with a loose shirt, t-shirt, or tunic and slim jeans.

Boots and cropped jeans look.

For a daring, bold, casual look, pair ripped distressed jeans or boyfriend jeans with rugged, masculine boots. A leather jacket in a more subtle shade is ideal and creates an exciting contrast to the bottom. You can replace the jacket with a coat, a jacket of pastel shades, and a classic shape.

Practical bags

Regardless of what items will be chosen in a particular style, it would help if you picked a functional and beautiful bag. The most popular among girls are large bags, where you can carry all the necessary things. These bags can have both long and short handles. Cross-body bags are stylish and practical.

Leather leggings

This clothing element has become the most basic and popular item in a woman’s wardrobe. Slim leather pants or leather leggings are perfectly combined with almost any clothing made of other materials and textures. Leather pants make you stand out from the crowd.

Bulky scarves

It is simply impossible to ignore scarves and shawls, which help create a harmonious image and are also very comfortable. It is impossible to be without this stylish accessory in the cold season. You can choose a cozy and warm snood scarf, which will be interesting to combine with the color of the shoes or coat.

Summer pit

A light trench coat can be combined with sneakers, a tunic, shirt, and jeans and can be worn open. This stylish wardrobe will protect you from the cold on a summer evening and allow you to create a layer in the image, which is very popular today.

Long vests

Such models of vests stretch the figure well and give harmony. You can combine a long vest with summer jeans or trousers. Choosing a suitable waistcoat will make you look more formal and perfect for a business meeting or office work. At the same time, practicality and release remain in the image.


A characteristic feature of the casual style is the use of various hats. For example, you can choose a sporty warm hat or feminine and sophisticated beret. The main thing is not to be afraid to combine items in different directions and styles.

Dress in a short skirt with sneakers

It is simply impossible to imagine a casual style without dresses and skirts. An excellent option for a hot summer day would be a short dress or skirt, along with sneakers or sneakers. Such an image will always look energetic, fresh, and stylish. You can use a backpack or a functional shoulder bag for a coordinated and complete look.