Wardrobe for a pregnant woman spring-summer 2022

Wardrobe for a pregnant woman spring-summer 2022

Wardrobe for a pregnant woman spring-summer 2022; what types of style? It will be interesting for expectant mothers to learn about spring-summer 2022 fashion for pregnant women. Every woman in a position wants to look stylish, modern, and attractive. Pregnancy for a woman becomes a very moving, tender, and critical period in her life. The current fashion for women in “interesting positions” has progressed. A few years ago, choosing clothes to hide a round stomach was difficult. But today, designers have introduced various types of dresses, sundresses, jeans, trousers, underwear, and outerwear.

Fashion designers insist that pregnancy should not be an excuse to wrap up in shapeless sweaters or wear a fleece. You can get confused in the stores by the vast selection of feminine dresses, beautiful blouses, suits, trousers, and jeans. Pregnant women’s clothes should provide comfort and emphasize the feminine lines in the figure of the expectant mother. Maternity fashion has a particular trend that changes every year. Therefore, it is helpful for expectant mothers to familiarize themselves with the advice of designers and stylists for spring-summer 2022.

How to create the right wardrobe for a pregnant woman in spring-summer 2022?

When preparing a wardrobe for a pregnant woman for spring-summer 2022, it is worth following a few principles:

  • The spring-summer season is one of the most successful and accessible parts to record. It’s getting warmer every day, so you need fewer clothes, which will be a big plus for pregnant women. Now you don’t need to spend all your savings on clothes, but you still need to buy a few things.
  • It is essential to determine your clothing size correctly, as things should not be tight and press on the growing belly.
  • You can immediately buy a few more oversized items because your stomach will grow daily.
  • It is worth buying pantyhose or socks, which can also be slightly larger than the standard size. It is worth stopping the choice of unique socks for pregnant women.
  • Should eliminate thongs, corsets, synthetic underwear, and tight belts.

Fashion trends wardrobe for a pregnant woman spring-summer 2022

Designers introduced a wide range of items used during pregnancy and after childbirth. These versatile pieces are ideal for the first, second, and third trimesters and postpartum.

As a basis for a wardrobe, you can use the following items:

  • Various types of clothing with a high waist – blouses, dresses, sundresses;
  • Pattern “strip” and “beans.” These patterns are not only simple but also loved by many women, as they allow you to emphasize the beauty of the figure;
  • Clothes of the A-shaped silhouette are one of the most favorable options for universal items, both before pregnancy and after childbirth;
  • Geometric patterns help visually make the rounded stomach less noticeable;
  • Bulky sweaters – bag models are also helpful for cold summer evenings. Moreover, they can be combined with skinny jeans and create a trendy and stylish look;
  • Flounces – various folds, ruffles, and wrinkles will be in fashion spring-summer 2022;
  • Tunics have a beautiful flowing and loose cut, and elongated models look exciting both on a round stomach and on a slim girl.

Fashionable materials and colors wardrobe for a pregnant woman spring-summer 2022

There are no specific clothing colors that are recommended for pregnant women. The main advantage of fashion for expectant mothers is the freedom of choice and personal preferences.

But at the same time, it is worth following some tips from fashion stylists and designers:

  • On hot days, it is better to avoid dark sunglasses because such clothes will be scorching, which is undesirable for pregnant women.
  • It is advisable to choose only items made of high-quality and natural materials that allow the skin to breathe. These fabrics are very comfortable and non-irritating.
  • It is worth giving preference to clothes in pastel, coral, and turquoise colors.

Maternity Dresses

The dress is one of the most loved and comfortable clothes for expectant mothers, especially in hot weather. The dress is practical, as it helps to disguise a rounded stomach and will not restrict movement.

Designers give the following guidelines for choosing this romantic and feminine garment:

  • Bright colors and prints. Do not be afraid to use rich colors and colorful patterns in clothes.
  • Short dress. These dress models are versatile because you can combine them with leggings and tights.
  • Formal dresses with a high waist. It is ideal for working pregnant women.
  • Woolen dresses. These models are perfect for spring or cool summer evenings. The fur stretches well so that it does not hinder movement or press on the stomach and cause discomfort.
  • Trapeze dresses. This style will help hide a protruding stomach and not put pressure on it.
  • To give lightness and romance to the image of a pregnant woman will help dresses made of flying and delicate materials.
  • Lace inserts. It is a lace that is the most feminine and delicate finishing option, ideal for mothers-to-be.

A priority for pregnant women should be models of dresses made of natural and breathable materials – for example, cotton, linen, silk, and satin. In spring-summer 2022, all traditional colors (purple, white, chocolate, black, and coral) will remain in fashion. Many mothers-to-be choose dresses with a high waist. The Greek style will always allow you to be gentle and sweet. As a rule, models of such dresses have a belt or ribbon under the bust, which is tied to the side.

Maternity pants

Pregnancy is not a reason to give up comfortable pants. Still, now you need to stop choosing for expectant mothers. Their main feature is that they do not press on the growing stomach and only support it.

When shopping for pants for pregnant women, there are a few fashion trends to keep in mind:

  • Choose only their natural materials;
  • Classic models and bell bottoms are still at the peak of popularity;
  • Tapered pants can also complement a pregnant woman’s wardrobe.

In the spring-summer period, it is worth stopping the choice of trousers made of linen and cotton. Such clothes allow air to pass freely and will not cause discomfort even in hot weather.

Wardrobe for a pregnant woman spring-summer 2022
Wardrobe for a pregnant woman spring-summer 2022

Jeans for pregnant women

In any season, jeans remain in fashion, and pregnant women must not give up this wardrobe because they are not only practical but also versatile. Jeans are perfect for walking, visiting, or going to the clinic. Pregnant women have one exciting feature. There is a special insert in the abdominal area, which is made of soft knitted material.

When buying jeans, you need to consider the following nuances:

  • You can focus on the size that was before pregnancy because only the stomach is increasing;
  • The pants should not be very tight, as this is contraindicated for expectant mothers, because the proper blood flow can be disturbed;
  • Before buying, try on jeans because they should fit the figure perfectly, but not push, not restrict movement or pinch.

Designers recommend giving such jeans to models rather than spring-summer 2022:

  • Distressed jeans;
  • Classic straight jeans;
  • Denim jeans;
  • Models of bright colors are ideal for summer;
  • Skinny jeans.

Mother’s skirt

The skirt is another feminine wardrobe item that you should not give up during pregnancy. These skirts have a unique cut that does not cause discomfort even in the last months of pregnancy. Dresses will be relevant in spring and summer.

So designers presented entire collections of various types and styles at the shows:

  • Long skirts help to hide swelling of the legs and existing problems with veins, which often bother pregnant women;
  • Short denim skirts are perfect for early pregnancy;
  • A pencil skirt becomes a must-have for working moms-to-be;
  • The A-line skirt helps to hide the lush hips and show off the round figure.

Maternity jackets

Expectant mothers should pay special attention to their health and reliably protect their stomachs from the cold.

 In the spring season of 2022, stylists recommend giving preference to such models:

  • Spacious coats that do not hinder movement;
  • Raincoats of bright colors;
  • Suits for children;
  • Jackets with special inserts;
  • Light and warm types of jackets;
  • Flared models;
  • Jackets with floral prints.

Underwear for pregnant women

During pregnancy, you must buy special underwear that adapts perfectly to your changing body. Today there is a wide selection of various types of lingerie for expectant mothers. Such models perfectly support the growing stomach and tender breasts, but they also look beautiful on the outside.

When buying underwear, you should pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Panties can be high and low-waisted;
  • High panties play the role of a supportive wrap during the last months of pregnancy;
  • Underwear should only be made of natural and soft materials; synthetic materials are strictly prohibited;
  • Corrective clothing slightly reduces the appearance of rounded hips, while it does not interfere with proper blood circulation but has a stimulating effect on it;
  • Prenatal and postpartum bras are created by taking into account all the intricacies of the anatomical structure of the female breast.

The modern pregnant woman tries to follow the latest fashion trends. If you follow the above tips while carrying a baby, the expectant mother will always have a stylish look and a good mood!