12b252812529-7807860 3-5047298 screen2bshot2b2015-06-292bat2b7-15-432bpm-6057530 1-3802103 5-2846456 2-9634267 6-2561852 4-9769931 screen2bshot2b2015-06-292bat2b7-16-022bpm-8140439 I love finding interesting Instagram accounts. I believe Instagram can be used as a platform for art. I wish that Instagram had been around when I was in college because I would have surely incorporated it into my art history/visual arts thesis. A beautiful Instagram account I discovered on popsugar.com is @groehrs by Gretchen Roehrs. Gretchen’s account features chic sketches accentuated by fruits and vegetables. This unique combination makes for a gorgeous composition. 

Instagram is bringing museum quality art to the masses and I love it! 

Check out Gretchen’s Instagram account here. 

*All photographs taken from @groehrs.