DIY Pearl Collar


What you’ll need:

1. Graph paper

2. Scissors 

3. Fabric

4. Needle and Thread

5. Faux pearls* (or real ones if you’re filthy rich)

6. Ribbon

*Those are the exact faux pearls I used


1. Sketch one side of the collar and cut it out 


2. Trace it again to make the other half of the collar


3. Pin the sketched collar to your fabric 

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 4. Cut out the collar from the fabric 


5. Take out the pins


6. Cut the collar into half so you have two pieces


7. I took the two collar pieces to the cleaners and asked them to sew the pieces together. I also had them sew around the edges so the fabric didn’t fray. If you have a sewing machine (I don’t) you can do it yourself and it’s a much cheaper option.


8. Gather your beads and begin sewing! 


9. Leave a little empty space at the top of each side of the collar 


10. Take some ribbon and sew it to the top pieces of the collar (in order for you to tie it around your neck). 

Ta-Da all done! 

This collar is my pride and joy. It was time consuming (not going to lie) but also, oddly relaxing. I love sewing by hand.