Hat Attack

2blogsize-4540456 Hat: Forever 21(similar style here) Sweater: *by Second Female (similar style here)

Today is Valentines day and I know you’re expecting a couple things from me:

1) That I wear red and or pink

 2) That I’m mushy gushy 

Well, I can give you one of the two, and I hope by now you know which one that is (seeing as I don’t really color coordinate for Holidays). That’s right folks, I’m about to get mushy gushy over my…. pants. Printed pants to be specific. I honestly think this trend is the best thing to happen to me. I mean, how did I not know printed pants existed before this season? They are GENIUS. They make every outfit and I’m in love. I could never own enough. Pink floral pants, green floral pants, black floral pants… I’ll take them all!  It’s like my fashion heart was opened when they came into my life. Ugh, this is bliss.


You thought I forgot didn’t you? Well, I could never forget a gift to one of my readers… the lucky winner of the Shopbop Giveaway is….


#94 aka Kate! Congratulations Kate, and Happy Valentines Day! Thank you to all who entered, and don’t you fret, there will be many more where this came from.


*For those of you who are curious… it says out of 110 because a follower emailed me saying she couldn’t comment (but followed with bloglovin’) so I included her in the total*