3.1 Philip Lim & $100 Dollar Shopbop GIVEAWAY

I have a surprise for all of you. How much do you love 3.1 Philip Lim? How much do you love Shopbop? How much do you love $100 dollars? Well folks you can have it all. That’s right, the 100 dollar Shopbop Giveaway is BACK! screenshot2012-02-03at8-15-15pm-6378604 People, the groundhog saw his shadow and winter is coming… so guess what? You NEED these 3.1 Philip Lim shoes and you know what can help you buy them? A 100 dollar gift card!  screenshot2012-02-03at8-16-07pm-3065545 Did you get an iPad for Christmas? Are you dying to find a cover for it? Well buy this cover at the 3.1 Philip Lim sale going on at… (can you guess where)? SHOPBOP.  screenshot2012-02-03at8-15-34pm-3285903

Have a boyfriend? Does he like sports more than he likes you? (ok now I’m just projecting). Well you know whats coming up people…. VALENTINES DAY. The day all women deserve. A day to get pampered. And what better gift than this stunning bracelet from 3.1 Philip Lim. Did I mention it’s on sale? Oh yea, for LESS than 100 dollars. Yep you could buy this bracelet and something else with that 100 dollars. And people, I have this bracelet myself, and that fur is even softer than it looks.

I think I’ve sold this pretty well. I think if you pass up entering this, you’re missing out. On that note, let me tell you how to enter: 

1) Follow Fashionablecollections on Bloglovin’



One simple step. 

This Giveaway will be ending on Valentines Day (12am EST)! That’s a great freakin’ gift right there. 

Oh, I guess there is a second step. Let me know in the comment section that you followed with Bloglovin’ and don’t forget to leave your email address. If you do NOT let me know you followed with Bloglovin’ you cannot be chosen. 

Good Luck Everyone! 

Oh, and Happy Weekend!