collage-2585281  There are many items in this outfit that I absolutely love. First off, the scarf is great. I purchased it at Flying A  in NYC. The bright blue whale pattern is adorable and it’s so warm. The store had the scarves in all different colors and animal prints, what can I say, I’m a sucker for blue whales. Once, in the summer, the BF and I went to the movies, and the AC was blasting, so he used it as a blanket (yes it is that big). He even fell asleep (so yes, it is that comfortable). Secondly, the shoes are amazing. I had seen them on Shopbop.com over the summer and wanted them so badly but they were very expensive. Nearing Christmas time I was searching for an everyday boot and came across these at Shopbop again. They were on sale (yay) and I was able to purchase them with my Christmas money. They’re a greyish-brown color with a wooden heel lined in shearling… need I say more?  individual2-5035421 

Sophia Costas scarf, Madewell Cardigan, J. Crew denim shirt, J Brand jeggings, Jeffrey Campbell boots, Chloe handbag 

individualpic1-9314247  detail-8175663 

House of Harlow ring, YSL ring, Gabi Disney World ring, Aunt’s ring, Balenciaga Bracelet 

twocollage-9166174  shoewithbackgrond-9826036 

Here is a close up of my precious shoes. As you can see the shearling lines the inside of the shoe and the wood is a perfect color to compliment the leather. I also love that it has subtle staples around the bottom of the shoe. Amazing-ness. 


Contrary to what it may look like on this blog, I do smile and have fun from time to time. I’m just so happy I’m going to be tan soon I couldn’t help but smile and do a little dance. My week has been very non-eventful but I do have an exciting one coming up. This is my first vacation ever with my BF so we are even more excited than usual.

Tomorrow begins my two day intensive photo class with my dad, hopefully I learn some cool stuff. Usually I don’t post on the weekends but I will definitely be posting my packing prospects tomorrow night. I can’t believe I’m leaving for a week, I love posting everyday so it’s defintitely going to be strange not doing it. 

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Happy Friday Everyone!