Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads

1-6403028 2-4025512 3-5169895 4-7601361 5-7251570 6-3236872 7-6887105 8-7159499 9-2599577 10-9331586 11-5569850 12-9865286 13-1380986 Several months ago I came across these beautiful sculptures at Princeton University. I had no idea what the sculptures meant at the time but was immediately drawn to their life-like depictions. When I returned home I learned that they are Zodiac sculptures that were in front of the Princeton University Museum of Art. The sculptures are designed by Ai Weiwei who drew inspiration from the original sculptor, Giuseppe Castiglione. Castiglione’s sculptures were designed in the mid 18th century and looted when France and Britain invaded China. To read more about the sculptures visit this website.  I don’t believe the sculptures are still at the University but they are on a world tour so you may be able to catch them in another location! signature-9591152