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Collage 1: Overalls- H&M, Sunglasses- Karen Walker, Necklace- BaubleBar, Tee- Madewell, Bag- Topshop, Shoes- J. Crew, Collage 2: Dress- J. Crew, Necklace- c/o oNecklace, Sunglasses- Ray Ban, Bag- Topshop, Collage 3: Shoes- J. Crew, Necklace- BaubleBar, Jeans- Gap, Bag- Topshop, Collage 4: Dress- J. Crew, Necklace- c/o oNecklace, Sneakers- Nike, Sunglasses- Ray Ban, Bag- Topshop, Floral Sweater- Madewell

I learned a lot from this Babycation. 

1. I am not ready for children. 

(Dad, you were right). 

2. Hugs from Henry are the best gift.  

3. I am a diaper changing aficionado.

4. Kissing Dominic is awesome. 

5. Watching the BF with children is priceless. 

6. Putting Dominic to sleep while listening to Michael Jackson and the Temptations is hysterical. 

7. I love my family. 

8. Cubstas are delicious. 

9. Henry’s fake crying, while annoying, is absolutely brilliant for a 16 month old. 

10. My nephews are the greatest thing to happen to me yet. 

(and the BF, obvi).

screenshot2013-06-23at10-14-48pm-3106000 None of this would be possible without these baby making machines.

Love you. 

*Photographs taken by me & the BF. Collages made by me.