Best of the West


I feel like I look straight out of an episode of Little House on the Prairie. This shirt my mom bought me in the beginning of the year and I couldn’t figure out what to wear with it. It’s cropped, so jeans/ pants were not an option (I don’t like to bare any skin in my midriff area) so this full length skirt was my next best bet. Although I look like I’m from a 1960’s Western movie, I do love the outfit together. The shirt is a wonderful light weight material and the skirt is perfect in every way. I bought it in September from Zara. I saw it in the store and couldn’t stop thinking about it. I rushed back the next day to snatch it up. The pleats, the color, the length, the material… it’s truly perfection.


Club Monaco shirt, Zara skirt, House of Harlow necklace, Chloe bag, J. Crew booties 


Swatch watch, Forever 21 Cross ring, Chinatown ring, YSL ring, Gabi Disney World ring, Aunt’s ring, House of Harlow necklace, Vintage coin bracelet, Balenciaga bracelet, Forever 21 bracelet, David Yurman bracelet, LF bracelet 


I couldn’t help but post my hair-do. I did multiple braids and intertwined them and was quite proud of my creation. There’s also another braid on the other side of my head, as well, that isn’t shown. My hair is out of control 24 hours a day 7 days a week, but a nice braid (or 3) always helps.


Remember my lovely wish-list? 

 1. Pair of low top converse shoes in blue 

2. Simple black wedges (preferably a smaller wedge) 

3. Bright colored clothing

4. Vintage crystal jewelery

I was able to cross off three things! Yay! Going shopping with a purpose is a lot more fun than without. Below are some of my newest purchases (still more to come tomorrow). 


1. Pair of low top Converse shoes in blue 

Yay, I ‘ve been wanting these babies for so long. I love the way the blue fades once worn in, I can’t wait to get them on. Converses are great for any outfit. 


 3. Bright colored clothing 

I love this Kelly green color, and what better than to have it in a cropped pant with a zipper? I can’t wait to do some color blocking with these!


4. Vintage crystal jewelery 

As much as I love my grandmother’s crystal necklace, I really wanted to stock up on some more. Based on various reviews from NY Mag and Refinery29, I stopped at a vintage jewelery store right around the corner from the Barney’s Warehouse sale, Pippin Vintage Jewelery. The store had some incredible stuff and it was for a wonderful price. Their selection of crystal jewels was overwhelming (as I wanted to buy all of it) but I narrowed my sights to this one. I love the double tiered detail as well as its simplicity. I think it will be great standing alone or layered with other necklaces. A trip back to Pippin in the near future will definitely be in the cards. I think next month I’ll have to stock up on more of these lovely crystal jewels. I would have bought another necklace, seeing as they were relatively inexpenisve, but I purchased something else that caught my eye. I have yet to post it in my new purchases but will definitely be revealing it tomorrow. 

 Hint: I’m wearing it in this post! 

Last night my plan was to go food shopping and whip up an incredible meal but instead I found out some wonderful news. My amazing BF got a great, great internship at a top Hedge-fund in the city for the summer! He is terribly excited about it, as am I and I really couldn’t be prouder. To celebrate we ordered Korean from our neighborhood spot, Mill. Delicious food for a great cause. We also walked over to our local Gelatoria (which we just discovered). Its the most adorable little stand where they whip up the most random flavors of gelato you could ever imagine. I’m obsessed with their Captain Crunch flavor and had some last night. Tonight I really do plan to food shop/ cook. Finally! 

 Less than a week till I’m nice and crisp in the Florida sun!