Da' Blues


So I don’t actually have the blues but I’m wearing all blue! I definitely overuse this shirt but I can’t help it, it goes with so much. The two shades of blue are just different enough that this outfit works. The neon orange elastic waste breaks up the outfit perfectly. I saw this skirt last year in the J. Crew catalogue. I was drawn to the neon orange and bought it asap. It’s such a unique piece, I’m very glad I purchased it. 


Madewell shirt, Topshop necklace, J. Crew skirt, J. Crew tights, J. Crew ballet flats 


Swatch watch, Pippin vintage bracelet, Banana Republic chain bracelet, LF bracelet 


Aha! Another smile. I can’t wait for it to be warm so I can actually decorate/ enjoy my balcony. 

individualskirtpic1blogsize-2238536 upcloseofnecklaceblogsize-8950872



So I was lying by the pool in Florida flipping through Cosmopolitan and I came across these beauties (see below) in one of their features. I saw the pattern and the bright blue color and knew I had to have them. You will not believe where they’re from… Chicos! Thank God my mom is a VIP there, I got 5% off and free shipping. Horrah! Honestly that pattern and those colors, mmm I just love it! 

newpurchase2-1blogsize-9280953 upcloseofchicospantsblogsize-2374930


(As you can see I’ve changed my new purchases layout a bit, still playing around with different ideas!)

bananapancakes3blogsize-7573643 bananapancakes2blogsize-7585529 bananapancake1blogsize-6910604

One of my favorite things to eat for breakfast are chocolate chip banana pancakes. I made them and they turned out delicious. My secret? Use extra ripe bananas and half and half instead of milk (we only have fat free milk in my casa so I think whole milk would be good too). God they were delicious! 

This evening I had a little dinner party at my place for one of my good friends from home and another good friend from college. It was quite fun and I made a delicious meal… homemade meatballs! I’m sorry to say that I did not take pictures, I was too caught up with cooking and talking. I promise to make them again and take pics in the future. I made two boxes of spaghetti and my BF and my friend from college (also a guy) ate basically the whole thing (I had some as well but you can imagine my portion size compared to theirs). I think that is a testament to my recipe following abilities haha. 

Tomorrow is Friday… yay!! Lots of blogging this weekend and eating and sleeping, what else is new? Oh and tomorrow is the best day of the week, bagel Friday!