Florida May 2014

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Florida was a dream. 

Being with my family will always be my favorite pastime. The highlight of my vacation was watching Henry fall in love with his Uncle. It’s clear to me that when the BF and I have children, I will be the bad cop and he will be the good cop. Whenever Henry cried over doing something wrong, the BF swooped in to wipe his tears and hold him tight. However, Henry always turned to his Aunt Gaby for baths and bedtime. 

And my sweet Dominic, who clearly did not remember me when I walked through the door. My heart was a little broken that first day, but he immediately took to me and we started to become familiar again. So much so, that when the BF tried to hold Dominic he would cry and reach his little hands out to me – it melted my heart. 

I say this everytime I come home from Florida, but I wish there was an easier way to visit my family. Our next planned trip is to Disney World in November. I can’t believe I have to wait so long to see them again.

Thank God for Facetime. 

*All photographs taken by me. All collages created by me.