“I Cannot Lie: I Love Eileen Fisher”


I’m angry about the article, “I Cannot Lie: I Love Eileen Fisher”. Not because Molly Fischer isn’t right, Eileen Fisher is the bomb, but because I’ve known this for years. When I read it, I feel like Molly has taken the words right out of my mouth and put them on paper for the whole world (mostly NY’ers) to read. 

I want to be a toddler and whine for a minute – I knew Eileen was great before she did, I swear! I love Eileen Fisher so much, that I even go to J. Jill to buy cheaper imitations of her clothes – now that’s devotion. 


I’m scared that the Eileen Fisher secret is out and people will flock to one of my favorite stores. 

I have become the face of paranoia. 


I am 25 years old and I love Eileen Fisher. 

If you haven’t read the NY Mag article, do so, because even though I didn’t write it, my sentiments are so similar to Molly’s, that it sort of feels like I did. 

*Collages created by me. Article excerpt taken from NY Mag.