If I Ever Feel Better


I’ve had a hard year. 

And I’ve gained a lot of weight. 

I often turn to food when I’m stressed (or sad). 

I’m not even sure it really makes me feel better.

I can tell you now, I regret it. 

When my cousin died my biggest fear was that one day, I’d forget him. 

I was told that probably wasn’t possible. 

It’s not. 

I think about him everyday.

At work when I was frustrated, or a wave of sadness enveloped me, I used to go to my friend’s office and draw on the whiteboard. 

I created that wacky mountain featured above. 

Things have changed since then and I need to find that type of solace in something else. 

I hope, in the next couple of months, I’m able to feel (and look) more like myself. 

With the recent move is the start of something new.

Here I go. 

*Photograph taken by me.