OOTD: Comfortable Style


1. Old Navy, 2. Balenciaga, 3. Gap, 4. Pandora, 5. Superga, 6. Old Navy

My first priority when it comes to fashion is longevity. The question I ask myself when I purchase clothing is, “Is this item something I like and will own for some time”? Second on my priority list is comfort. 

The outfit above is something I wore recently and is the epitome of my comfortable style. A good waffle tee shirt is essential for any person looking to incorporate some cozy items into their wardrobe. Old Navy has the best selection of waffle t-shirts – I own four. I often use them for layering under sweatshirts and sweaters in the winter. 

For someone who walks a lot in the city being comfortable is a huge part of my personal style. You won’t catch me dead in any heel higher than 1.5 inches! 

*Collage created by Gabriela Monsanto.