Rita & Zia Showroom

collage4-9078213 Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of going to Marie Saeki PR’s showroom. My friend and I took a peak at the beautiful jewelry of Rita and Zia. I was a HUGE fan of all the beaded bracelets (you know how I love a good arm party). Even better, is that each pendant means something. For instance, the Tiger represents energy. It’s great when you can actually wear jewelry that signifies something. collage3-2409762
collage1-3458900 (All photographs taken by Arom Choe) 

Even MORE exciting is that my friends and I got to play around with the jewelry during a photo shoot! Can’t wait to show you those photos tomorrow. Stay tuned! 

Highlights of my day include: 

1) Pretend apartment hunting 

2) Eating at the bar of a diner 

3) Drinking a chocolate milkshake 

4) Buying comfy towels from Home Goods 

5) Coughing my way to sleep (hmm, that’s not really a highlight more like a con… guess my cold hasn’t ended) 

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