5-787008015-3193282 7-35606162-3305124 4-63850291-4962524 When grief sets in it seems the only comforting things to do are to cry and to eat. If I were at home one of the places on my list for takeout would definitely be Roberta’s, an awesome pizza joint in Brooklyn.

My friend recommended I try the place (before it was on Girls) and he was absolutely right, it rocks. 

We are debating on whether or not it’s still acceptable to eat there as it’s now been ousted by the show. 

However, a jalapeño pizza that good may be too delicious to pass up. 

Plus, good food will be on my list of things to keep my mind occupied in the upcoming weeks. 

Distractions are a must. 

Photographs taken by me. Collages created by me.