The Smith

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Do you know what your loved ones like to eat? 

Today I brought home two pieces of cookie cake knowing the BF would not eat his half.

Why did I do it? 

It’s the thought that counts. 

Henry loves watermelon. 

He can eat a whole container full and he’s only a little over a year old. 

When you think about it, food is an incredible thing. 

My dad loves sausage and broccoli rabe pasta.

I’m talking love. 

Whenever we go out to eat, and that pasta is on the menu, I immediately think of him. 

While The Smith didn’t have the exact version we’re accustomed to, their modernized take was absolutely delicious. 

My dad is going to love it. 

I can’t wait to take him there to enjoy it. 

*Photographs taken by me.