Tori Richard

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Tori Richard, not to be confused with Tory Burch, is a Honolulu designer that I stumbled upon while in Hawaii. Whenever I travel somewhere different I try to purchase locally designed items. Luckily, Hawaii is a treasure trove of unique pieces. 

My first local find was designer Tori Richard – who has a store front in the hotel we stayed at in Honolulu, the Kahala Resort. Her clothing, and prints, remind me of Lily Pulitzer’s designs. What I like best about Tori Richard’s items is that the prints are modern and Hawaiian inspired. I particularly gravitated towards the clothes with the palm frond print.  Tori Richard also sells classic Hawaiian men’s shirts. Because the label sells men’s clothing, every member of my family was able to get something. For my purchase I bought a dark colored blouse, with a Hawaiian style print, that I can wear in both summer and winter – I’ve already worn it once!  I was so impressed with Tori Richard’s styles that I immediately looked up the website after visiting the store front. It’s lucky that I did because they have many more items online than they do in store. For my next purchase, I have my eyes on the Tiki Palm Gabbie dress and I plan on buying it during my next credit card billing cycle. 

*Collage created by Gabriela Monsanto.