Wednesday Details… REVERSED


Necklace: DIY

Sweater: H&M

Bag: Balenciaga (similar style here)
I realized that posting Wednesday details is like a tease with no results. Well folks, here are the details from last week smashed together into one full outfit. Likey? I’ve decided to add a surprise picture to each detail post. I think everyone should get a picture of the full package. BTW vacay starts tomorrow at 6pm (by vacay I mean a three day weekend). As Bart Scott would say, “can’t wait”! 1-2929199

Well, today I said goodbye to One Tree Hill. Thank God they ruined the last moments of the show so I wasn’t too hysterical. However, it’s hard to say goodbye to another teenage memory. 

In honor of wanting others to be happy instead of sad, I’d like to remind you all that you can still win a free dress from Wipe those One Tree Hill tears away and come and enter my Giveaway!