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 How to pack for your summer holiday

The time of year has come when most of us are booking and preparing for summer breaks in the sunshine. Whether you’re heading out on a family activity holiday or a romantic getaway for two, there is always the challenge of packing to contend with.

You don’t want to pack too much and have to drag around a heavy suitcase with you. Equally, you don’t really want to leave anything behind that you’re likely to miss while you’re away.

So what and how do you pack? We’ve compiled a small guide to help reduce any stress involved in the process.

A great idea when preparing to pack is to keep your heavy shoes and clothes out of your suitcase when travelling. It’s a much better idea to travel in your heavy and space-consuming fashion items. When you are wandering through the airport on your way to catch an early morning flight, you really won’t care how stylish you look. It’s far better to cobble together anything that will take up a large amount of space in your suitcase and fling it on for the journey to your destination. Just make sure you feel comfortable enough to travel.

screenshot2012-05-21at7-38-07pm-6553093 When it comes to packing lightly, make sure you have your lightweight, loose and free-flowing holiday dresses ready. There’s a great selection of Yumi dresses for the summer available online – all perfect for a few weeks away in the sun. Go for dresses that are versatile and can be employed in both a smart and casual setting. That way, you’ll have less to pack and more space available for some duty free items on your return. screenshot2012-05-21at7-38-20pm-4438420

Don’t just go with flip-flops. A beautiful sandal will add versatility to your holiday wardrobe and can double up as evening wear as well. Gladiator sandals are a great idea. They look fantastic, give your feet plenty of support and don’t take up too much space in your suitcase.


Finally, attempt to minimise the weight of your accessories. Lightweight beach bags will give you the freedom you need when spending time on the beach. Just make sure they’re easy to shake out otherwise you’ll be finding sand in them for weeks after you return! When packing jewellery, don’t take your whole collection with you. Choose one or two of your favourite rings, earrings and bangles and stick with those. 

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