Climbin' Accessories

popsugarblogsize-1815290 So, I went crazy searching for this skirt. I found it, I found it (imagine an annoying child singing that to you… that’s me right now). Soon I won’t have to search at all seeing as Zara’s e-commerce site is opening tomorrow (for the US). I honestly can’t believe it. It’s like my dreams have been answered. Not even lying, my actual dreams. 6blogsize-5569397

Jewelmint earrings, Madewell shirt, Zara skirt, Topshop shoes, Balenciaga bag

p.s. I would link items here but they’re no where to be found! 


BCBG cuff, moveSlightly bracelet 

These two bracelets are my new obsession. Can we please discuss how the BCBG cuff looks SO similar to an Hermes bracelet? Guess what? It was like one million times less. Perhaps my favorite though, is this stand out bracelet purchased on Etsy at the moveSlightly shop. Great customer service, speedy delivery… everything you want in an e-commerce site. Not only that, but the bracelet is so unique. I really wanted the Proenza Schouler rope bracelet but I’m really glad I got this instead. I’m big on supporting handmade items (it’s the art historian in me). Especially seeing that each bracelet is unique. Best buy in a while. 

Highlights of my day include: 

1) Bringing lunch to work 

2) Leaving on time after expecting to leave at 10pm 

3) Anticipating my day trip to Harvard on Friday

4) Thinking about walking around Europa in two weeks 

5) Coming home to my amazing apartment and even more wonderful and amazing BF

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