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I have yet to share this on the blog, but I have a new found milk allergy! When I first received the news I said to my mom, “this is hard, I really like food”. I’ve come to realize it’s not savory food that’s the hard part but desserts. I look forward to sharing this new part of my life on the blog going forward. 

You know what is surprisingly hard to do as a dairy-free person?  Go out to dinner. It’s shocking just how many people don’t know that butter is a milk product – I’m stunned that people in the food industry aren’t required to know this.

Going out to dinner is a huge part of my family’s life, so it’s particularly important for us to find customer friendly restaurants that cater to dietary requests. The other evening we ate at Lincoln – it was an incredible experience. The staff was very friendly and pointed out what did and did not include dairy within their menu. They even offered a variety of sorbets as a dessert – now one of the only sweets I can eat. 

I would highly recommend Lincoln for a night out. While it is expensive, the experience and food make the steep prices totally worthwhile. 

*Photographs taken by Gabriela Monsanto.