Liz Lovely

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The story below perfectly represents how I feel about Liz Lovely cookies. 

At work we were having an event for the launch of a new system we are implementing. The woman who was working with me on the project is gluten free so I had to find a sweet that would satisfy both of our allergy restrictions. For months I have been a huge fan of Liz Lovely cookies so I thought they would be the perfect goodie to purchase for the event. I bought three packs – with two generous sized cookies in each container. My hope was that I would have at least one set of cookies leftover to bring out to the Hamptons as my weekend’s dessert. Generally, people do not want a bite of anything vegan – just the word vegan has people running in the opposite direction. However, people must have been starving that day because one person took some, and then the next. After about 15 minutes all six cookies were gone and people were asking me repeatedly for the brand of the treats.

I was shocked. 

The BF tells me my tastebuds have changed since going dairy-free.Clearly, the taste of Liz Lovely cookies are universal – they’re freaking awesome. 

*Collage created by Gabriela Monsanto.