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Here are some more snapshots of my apartment/ life. The cupcake you’re seeing is a Grasshopper cupcake from Crumbs… if you haven’t had Crumbs yet you really haven’t lived. I’m obsessed with cupcakes (it’s an addiction I have to kick). To my dismay they opened one actually a block away from me. I think I’m their number one customer. 

Lots of new things to post, but won’t be able to show them until I get my computer back, I can’t wait! Actually, some of them have been featured already, I wonder if you can guess what they are…

Can you believe it’s already Friday? Any good plans? The Oscars are this weekend which means no Brothers and Sisters *tear* I wonder who will win an oscar… Natalie Portman? (yea) Christian Bale? (yea) Melissa Leo? (yea) The award shows are fun only to a point, but when you begin to know who’s going to win, it sort of takes the fun out of it. Oh well, I’ll just have to wait until next Sunday when B&S comes back on. I am excited, however, to see the dresses. 

Have a good weekend!