Gaby's Famous Tri-Berry Crumb


To celebrate the upcoming holiday I bring you a little red white and blue inspired treat.

We all know I’m OBSESSED with sweets, and none is better, than the tri-berry crumb pie I make for myself and the fam. 

Visual directions are below, and for those who want written ones, who better to turn to than Oprah.  Oprah does her pie with all blueberries, I, on the other hand, like to mix things up. 
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1-6642716 Don’t worry, this sugar high has not made me forget about the Shopbop Giveaway winner… it’s actually made me more generous. I’ve decided to extend the Giveaway a few more days until my actual anniversary with the BF, July 8th. I promise, no more postponements after that. 

Happy Almost Fourth of July Everyone!