Mod Squad

1-1888322 You’ve heard me repeat this time and time again but my friend Steffy has a great store named Tea & Tulips which I’m obsessed with. I spotted this dress several months ago and pounced on the chance to buy it. The pattern screamed Kate Moss for Topshop, except half the price. It also had this adorable tie as well. Needless to say, I’m beyond happy with my purchase. 

This weekend was cold and wet. Although, I had a great time traveling around the city with the BF I think I may have gotten myself sick. It’s amazing I’m even writing this right now as my head is pounding. To top it all off I have to be at work super early tomorrow. You know what this all adds up to? Going to bed at 9pm. 

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My favorite show is on tonight, Once Upon A Time, they’re delving more into Snow White and Prince Charming… can’t wait!