Wedding: what wedding styles are there?

wedding styles

Wedding styles; are important in life? After all, there are more than 60 of them! Ideas for decorating the table and the room, and clothes for the main characters of the festival are waiting for you. Gone are the days when all weddings were celebrated almost the same. The groomsmen wore formal suits and the bride? in white dresses. When you find out what kind of weddings there are, you will certainly be surprised. After all, there are more than 6 dozen of them, and based on the presented ideas, you can come up with your own, one and only!

Wedding Style – a quick trip

Each couple can choose an idea for a wedding based on their preferences. If you want the wedding style that the photo is attached to be based on a color scheme, then you can keep a rainbow.

If you like a certain color, then you can make the decoration, the bride and groom’s dress, and the dishes on the festive table with these colors.

The most popular now are weddings, which use the following colors:

  • Scarlet;
  • Yellow;
  • Silver

For lovers of diverse flowers, a combination of several colors at once is suitable. Such weddings are called rainbow weddings. Movie lovers can organize a festival based on their favorite movie, then the bride and groom dress in such a way as to create pictures of movie characters. The wedding decoration will be in the style of a particular movie. Such marriages help to temporarily transfer to your favorite subject and capture scenes from it and call the photographer.

Here are the most popular wedding styles from the following movies:

  • “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”;
  • “Alice in Wonderland”;
  • “Harry Potter”;
  • “Sleeping Beauty”;
  • The Wizard of Oz;
  • “The Great Gatsby”;
  • “Pilot”;
  • “Hipsters”;
  • “Dust”;
  • “Amelie”;
  • “Moulin Rouge”.

You can also get married with a Hollywood theme or an Oscar.

Adventure enthusiasts will also have a place to roam. If a girl loves the fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty” from childhood and dreams that her beloved person was the prince she dreamed of, then you can use this magical story.

A bride who wants to feel like Cinderella will be happy to plunge into this adventure on this happy day.

Feeling like Snow White is also not difficult at all if you embark on this adventure. If you like modern stories, then the wedding of a superhero? that’s what you need.

Animation teachers will be happy to be the heroes of the cartoon “Up” or “Howl’s Moving Castle” for a while.

If you want a colorful celebration where a pleasing aroma will prevail, then the wedding style, the photo presented below, is what you need.

Choose a wedding using one of the following fruits:

  • Apple;
  • Grenade;
  • Mandarins;
  • Strawberries

Wedding ideas are also suitable for those who want to travel for a certain time a while. The bride and groom, as well as guests, can feel like knights or refined French if they choose a Provence-style wedding. You can also use the baroque theme, retro, or vegetarian style.

For those who want to go on a virtual trip to any country or region.

 The following wedding styles are suitable:

  • Spanish, Spanish
  • French;
  • Greek;
  • Indian;
  • Russian traditional;
  • Hawaiian;
  • Oriental;
  • British
  • American

If you like irrevocable fun, then you can arm yourself with fun party-style weddings. It can be the theme of carnival, disco, Latino, rock, rock and roll.

If you want to hold a unique celebration, then weddings are suitable for you in the following styles:

  • Denim;
  • Bookstore;
  • Paper;
  • Knitted;
  • LOVE IS;
  • Turtle doves;
  • Amusement park;
  • Chanel;
  • Geometric;

For those who follow fashion, the latest trends will suit. This is the wedding style:

  • Cohort;
  • Shabby chic;
  • Eco style;
  • Rustic

Think about the kind of flow and direction you want to spend your festival in this style.

Colored wedding – a decorative image

Check out the design elements for such a festival. If you decide that your festival needs to go brilliantly well then the silver wedding is the way to go. This is good to spend in the winter because the decorative elements are akin to the New Year.

You can decorate a wedding cake with edible glitter or make it look like cardboard, surrounded by decorative elements. To do this, you just need to wrap small branches of trees with foil and you will get a decoration, as in the picture on the right. Put candles on the tables, they will add an atmosphere of universal glow.

White goes well with silver. Use this idea when choosing pots. White plates with silver plating look good, as in the right picture. The table can be covered with a silver cloth, in contrast to which wreaths of white roses and airy candlesticks made of transparent crystal or glass look wonderful. Then leave the chair cover white.

If the girl likes gold, use it. A flower of this color looks great on a white dress. And gold shoes will be another stylish accessory.

You can decorate the space around so that there are yellow colors. This looks great with gray and white accessories.

If you cannot decide the color or you like a few, then take on a raincoat wedding.

The bride can shine in a white outfit and each of her bridesmaids will wear a monochromatic dress with a specific color.

The cloak can be:

  • Yellow;
  • Red;
  • Orange;
  • Green;
  • Blue;
  • Violate
  • purpale

Use all the colors of the rainbow, as you know, there are 7. These colors are listed above.

Decorate surrounding spaces with these color combinations, including tables. You can put yellow, red, and green candles on them. Use vases of the same color, which contain flowers of a different tone. Place some small rainbow pictures on the tables.

You don’t have to be an artist to make one. The bridesmaids and she herself can make similar accessories for the wedding the day before.

To do this they need:

  • Sheets of paper;
  • Wooden frames;
  • Paint;
  • Rag pen;
  • Colored colors;
  • Colored paper;
  • Scissors;
  • Glue;
  • Brushes

Have the girls draw a kind of rainbow or colored stripes that run diagonally on the cardboard rectangles. These masterpieces are framed in wooden frames; butterflies made of colored paper can be glued to the corners. Glue a number of the same material in the center to place these features next to each guest.

These things will help if you decide to have a wedding game and need to decide the winner, which is below a certain number. Such features also become memorable gifts for guests. We create invitation cards and also use all variants.

When thinking about which dresses are suitable for the bridesmaids, don’t forget shoes and bouquets. These accessories must be in harmony with each other. See how lovely a pair of shoes and flowers look.

The main hero of the festival is wearing a white dress here, so the bouquet should contain flowers of all shades of the rainbow.

You can make a garland from the same natural material and use it to decorate festive places.

The following wedding styles are just as interesting. They also indicate bright colors when decorating a wedding.

Fruit Holiday – Wedding Decorations and Photography

If you love apples, then combine an important event with this wonderful fruit. There must be apples on the tables. Based on these fruits you can make delicious fruit drinks, purees, cakes, and pies.

Apples also make a great side dish for meat. To do this, remove them, remove the core, and cut them into slices. These blanks are lightly fried on 2 sides; it turns out a wonderful side dish.

You can take a shape in the shape of a heart, fill it with apples, and you get a wonderful decorative element.

Put the sisal in a basket and put this fruit on top as well. Decorate them with plastic wrap and flowers. These baskets will also help to decorate the place.

It is important to photograph this day. The photographer will tell you how to stand up for the newlyweds, so they can then add apple wreaths to them using Photoshop. And the bride will pretend to eat this fruit.

For celebrations on this topic are suitable classic clothes. The bride will be in a white dress and the groom in clothes. But you can complement the young man’s costume with a green scarf because an apple wedding is planned for this particular color. And add green and some white to the light colors on the bride’s bouquet.

For such a celebration, it is not at all necessary to buy an expensive wedding dress. Plain chintz will look just as good. Let the bride complement it with a wreath and look natural and natural. And the groom can wear a plain white shirt and pants. The artist, through Photoshop, will add such an image of apples to preserve the atmosphere of the day.

You can place a box of apples next to the bride and groom, who will lie on the carpet. With the help of a photo editing program, it will be easy to add green hearts and various touches of this color to the image.

Mandarin lovers will also be doubly happy on this day. Isn’t this a wonderful event? the creation of a new family and it takes place in a suitable atmosphere.

You need to buy a few pounds of mandarin in advance and you can decorate the table with them this way.

Arrange these fruits in several rows and insert flowers into some of the mandarins. Cutlery is placed on both sides of this decoration.

Make the guest badges white and paste them on the white and orange stripes. Place each plaque next to the orange fruit to make it clear that this is a mandarin wedding.

You can put these fruits in round containers and place them on and near the tables to decorate the venue.

If you love strawberries, then there will be the next wedding idea (pictured below) that you will definitely love.

If you have strawberries growing in the country, collect them immediately on this day and put them in a cardboard box. Above you can put a small bouquet on each container to decorate these things.

Be sure to have desserts from this berry on the menu. It can be a variety of cupcakes, cakes with icing, or strawberry cream. Put a small bucket of this berry in the center of such a candy slide.

Red drinks will also look good on tables. So cook the strawberry jam, and make the liqueur. Serve vodka with strawberries. Do not forget to add sugar for a delicious drink.

Whipped cream, ice cream, and strawberry biscuits will also be appreciated by guests and these dishes are really a decoration on the table.

The wedding pomegranate will be bright and unforgettable. After all, the color of this fruit is deep red. Put the pomegranates in a tray and fill the gap between them with cones. You can hang small decorative chandeliers with shades in the shape of this colorful fruit.

Let the brides wear a white dress, but the make-up will be rich, with red lipstick. The bridal bouquet should also not fade, use red shades.

You can put a flower of this color on a plate for each guest, on which a plate with a picture of a pomegranate is attached.

If desired, cut this fruit in half and decorate the plate this way.

Or you can hang the plates on metal light screens and attach them with ordinary clothes pegs. Use red and white colors for your pomegranate wedding.

Movie-style wedding decoration

If you like Breakfast at Tiffany’s then you can make a wedding based on this movie. Look, there are white and turquoise tones in the decor.

The same colors helped to create a kind of beautiful three-tiered cake. You shape many small balls from a sweet mast and decorate the cake with them. Put them on top of it like pearls.

Invitation cards can be aqua. Silver or platinum rings go well with such shades.

Another popular movie is suitable for those who want to have a bright and unusual wedding. The idea for it will be the movie “Hipsters”. The bride can wear a white dress decorated with a purple ribbon. The same accessory will be woven into the hair. Lilac beads are also suitable for this ceremony. Have the groom and guests wear colorful clothes. And in this case, a red tie is combined with a yellow shirt and blue pants.

Hipster-style weddings will be wonderful if you manage to rent a vintage car from these years.

A bright photo with colorfully dressed guests against the background of this vehicle will be a wonderful memorable gift for everyone present.

If you love the movie “Amelie”, then you should also include the most unusual combinations.

Let the groom wear red sneakers and the bride green shoes and a red bow instead of a veil. They are photographed behind rare objects, including old suitcases. You can put a cake on them and you will get a wonderful background for taking pictures.

And the wedding table will be decorated with red tulips. Their greens will wonderfully harmonize the jars of this tone.

Turbulent colors are celebrated on this day. And on the bright red fabric, you can put various decorative items in the most unexpected colors.

Various fantasies are now very popular. Who does not know the Harry Potter movie? If you are a fan of this masterpiece, then you can organize a wedding just in this style. It is good if there is a forest nearby. Then at the edge, you will prepare various magic items in advance. It can be magic wands or candles like that.

If you or someone you know has old suitcases, grab these items here. Put them in a pile near a tree and open the top suitcase and put the moss here and a candle in between. You get great features about the theme of the movie. Let the potions be bright in color because then you can make an inscription to make it clear that it is a magic potion. Place the keys next to them and you can get these features for free. Sometimes people change the lock but the keys remain.

From them, you can make lovely wreaths of the material.

To do this, take:

  • Keys;
  • Yarn;
  • Dishes;
  • Label or printer.

Measure strings of the desired size and tie them to each key and plate with printed or written text.

There are many more accessories you can think of that you do not have to pay for. After all, even ordinary characters in this case have to do magic.

Another fantasy movie that many people like? It’s Twilight. The groom can have a professional haircut, like the main character. A little make-up, costume, and the image of a charming vampire are ready.

The girl will drop her hair, put on a white dress and veil, do light make-up, and will look like the main character in a movie story.

For this occasion, a snow-white cake in several tiers and flowers in light green tones are suitable.

The Hatter can be the host for Alice in Wonderland’s wedding. And if the newlyweds want it, their outfits will be made in a classic style.

The beautiful decoration of the tables will appeal not only to adults but also to children if they attend such a wedding.

Complete it with an antique sofa, a clock, and postcards with a picture of a rabbit.

Add some cute details to the wedding to capture the atmosphere of the time in the movie “Aviator”. These are old suitcases, books, binoculars, and cameras from the 1940s.

The cake can be made in a simple style with white and brown colors. Place markers on the tables tied to wooden skewers or cocktail tubes.

Let the music play with the guitar tonight. You can invite a musician or ask your friends in advance who plays this instrument.

Bridesmaids can wear black evening dresses with cushioned skirts, but the bride? White.

Arrange the napkins on the plates and fold them as shown in the picture. Place a decorative plane on top of each.

If it is possible to rent movies, order a photo shoot here. This setting is perfect for a Hollywood-style wedding.

Guests can sit in chairs that resemble spectators. Buy or make your own cinematography, angles like what the director used to say to give the performers commands. To do this, it is enough to write with white felt-tip pens on a sheet of black cardboard and roll it up with a cone, fix it with glue.

If you like movie themes and want to feel like a winner, you can organize an Oscar-style wedding. To do this, you need some gold medal numbers.

Decorate the festive table with them and you can decorate the surrounding space with a banner with the image of these figures. If you have two large ones, put them on the red drag. Here you can organize a photo session.

And lay the red carpet in front of the entrance to the house or restaurant, so that guests will immediately know where they have come from.

If you want a bright and positive celebration, then a wedding based on the movie “Moulin Rouge” will do.

You can invite dancers who perform kan-kan and other dances. On the bride’s head may be a hat with a veil attached to it. And the dress will be in the style of “Moulin Rouge”. High white boots will complete the look. The groom can wear a striped tie or scarf, top hat, or cloak. And the design should have a lot of bright details, light, a variety of sparkles.

Many girls want to feel like Cinderella. When it comes to what kind of wedding style there is, do not forget about this fairy tale. You can order transparent shoes for the bride to wear or decorate the festive area.

Make a Pumpkin Carriage Postcard. On each one, you write the name of the person to whom the message is addressed. Then each guest will know exactly where to sit.

To create such a postcard, take:

  • Thick leaves;
  • Colored pencils and markers;
  • Scissors;

Fold the paper corners so that they are three-dimensional. Draw the look of a pumpkin cart on the front, and glue the wheels. Such wedding accessories can decorate the table, and become an invitation to guests.

If the newlyweds like the fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty”, then you can arrange a party in this style. A dress, like a real princess, with a lush bottom, will suit the bride. A professional photographer can arrange a photo shoot to capture important moments from an adventure.

As you can see, the groom is dressed in a suit similar to a prince. After all, this wedding is based on the fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty”.

It is better if the bride has dark hair if she wants to be like Snow White and have a wedding in this style.

A wreath of red roses and apples in the same color will complete the look. And these fruits will help to decorate the dishes, and the table and become important features of the wedding games. You can write notes with tasks, roll them up into a tight roll and insert them into the cut apples.

Place this fruit on a plate for each guest, and place tall candles and beautiful dishes on the tables. Place high chair chairs for the bride and groom to make it clear? this is a palace.

If you like modern stories, then a movie wedding is perfect.

Dress the groom in a bright blue suit, red shoes, and a scarlet coat. And the bride can wear such a bold outfit and adorn her head with a wide golden tiara. If you like the Batman movie, then let the newlyweds dress up to be like this famous hero.

And if you like modern cartoons, then you can use them. In the cartoon “Up”, a flying house is one of the main features. You can make a small copy of it and also attach balls here.

The gray jacket will suit the period when the cartoon father was young, the simple but graceful bridesmaid dress also fits perfectly.

Arrange a photo shoot with a copy of the house surrounded by balloons.

You can also recreate scenes from the cartoon “Howl’s Moving Castle”

Place some chairs next to such a small castle to perform the wedding ceremony. It will be simply magical if you write a pointer on old tablets and attach it to the tree trunk.

Decorate the surroundings with ferries, and forest flowers with white candles.

wedding styles
wedding styles

Different periods in wedding design

If you regret that there are no real knights in our world, then turn your beloved young man into such a hero.

You can weave knight’s mail if you have good needlework skills. And the red cape is not difficult to sew either. The girl will wear the dress of the time to become the wife of the knight of the heart.

The wedding can take place against the backdrop of a gazebo and the guests, dressed in knightly costumes, will raise their swords when the young are already married.

You can think of many knight-themed competitions to make your wedding party fun.

A gorgeous wedding Victorian and Baroque wedding will also be unforgettable.

For a baroque wedding photo shoot, you can choose a museum with beautiful architecture in an old mansion.

Ideas for wedding decorations from different countries

If the culture of a country is close to you, then you can make a wedding in this style. Spanish will be bright and flammable. For her, you need to prepare accessories in red, black, and white tones.

Let the groom wear a red tie, and decorate the suit with boutonniere, and a flower of this tone.

A black dress and a red flower in the bride’s hair will also look great.

If you prefer the sophistication of Paris, then stop thinking about what wedding style you want to choose.

Lay open fabric with aluminum lace. The wall can be decorated with a picture of the Eiffel Tower. Flowers in pastel colors will resemble the Provence region. The Eiffel Tower cookies will delight guests and newlyweds.

For dessert, you can also serve small cakes, skewered with apples, in which it will be written that these are Parisian sweets. Make a wreath of fresh flowers and decorate each letter to get the word “Paris” in French.

For a Greek-style wedding, paper-mâché and cardboard decorations in the form of columns are suitable

Newlyweds can put their rings on decorative chairs. To do this, you need to cut out the details of chairs from small bars. Rewind each seat with yarn or thread to soften it.

A disco wedding will also be remembered for a long time. Old plates are suitable for decoration.

And the brighter and more colorful the outfit, the more colorful the guests will look. You can make wigs from threads or feathers, and sew the most daring costumes.

If you like Latin weddings, these clothes will suit the groom’s musicians and friends. Sombrero and guitar, what else does a real person need?

The bride and groom’s fire dances will delight everyone present.

Carnival-style weddings will be fun and mysterious. It is not difficult to create masks with your own hands or buy them. The point is, in the middle of the night, the groom does not confuse his loved ones with anyone else.

These are far from all the ideas that tell you in what style the wedding can be planned. If you like rock and roll, check out how the wedding is done in this style.