Quality skin: how to care?

Quality skin

Quality skin; how take care properly? Learn how to care for quality skin and how to choose the right beauty products and the best beauty products. If blackheads (pimples) constantly appear on your face, you have a skin problem. You can get rid of acne from a specialist (if it is severe) or solve this problem at home if it is mild to moderate.

But the most important thing is to stick to your regular skincare routine. Suppose you follow hygiene rules and use high-quality cosmetics. In that case, the rash will decrease, the skin will be less irritated, shorten the treatment time, and improve the complexion.

How to take care of quality skin?

  • Cosmetics for oily skin are perfect. In a quality product, you will find the words “non-comedogenic” or “not comedogenic” in translation. It means that this product does not clog pores and does not cause the formation of comedogens. You can also find the inscription “for acne-prone skin,” which means “for acne-prone skin.”
  • Oddly enough, the hair also directly affects the skin of the face. So, if your hair gets greasy quickly, you must collect it in a ponytail and wash it with a good shampoo. Also, avoid using hair products that contain different oils.
  • You cannot often go to the tanning bed and sunbathe for a long time. The skin reacts strongly to UV rays, and even the treatments you are already doing will be in vain.
  • Use a scrub only if there is no inflammatory process on the skin. The scrub helps to exfoliate dead cells and unclog pores. You can use it twice a week. Also, favor a scrub with small particles, as large particles can scratch the skin and lead to inflammation.
  • Stop popping pimples and blackheads. In most cases, the consequences are highly negative – squeezing out acne causes scars and scars. But sometimes it is necessary to do this. It is better to leave it to professionals at a beauty salon.
  • To prevent pores from getting clogged with dirt, you must wash your face at least twice a day with cold water, but not with soap; it dries the skin. Of course, foam for sensitive skin will be an excellent cleanser. After you wash your face, apply a cream or other acne treatment. There is a wide selection of special facial cleansers in problematic lines of professional cosmetics, for example, Christina, ReNew, ONmacabim, GIGI, and others.
  • Should select the cosmetics you choose daily with great care—a few simple tips. Choose a loose powder and forget about concealers and pencils, in general, about all correcting and setting products. If you’ve used blush, it’s time to throw it in the bin, as it contains grease and oil. Instead, keep a variety of dry eye shadows in your arsenal that you can use as blush. Also, pay attention to the cosmetics that are sold in pharmacies. They contain natural ingredients and herbs that help heal damaged skin.
  • If there is inflammation on the skin, try to minimize contact with such places.
  • Masks suitable for skin problems that contain white clay (which helps to clean pores and absorb oil) and natural ingredients (celandine, calendula, chamomile, mint, tea tree oil, sage, lavender, and more).

Choosing cosmetics for quality skin

The choice of cosmetics in the modern market is enormous. To avoid confusion, choose products characterized by salicylic acid, zinc, and natural antibiotics. But even in this case, you cannot be sure that these cosmetics are suitable for good skin and not oily skin—pharmaceutical cosmetics, which are very common today (do not contain allergens, silicone, and fragrance).

In order not to get lost, use drugs that contain the following components:

  • Zinc salicylate, piroctone olamine, copper gluconate, and polyhydroxy acids (remove the cause of inflammation – bacteria).
  • Products containing retinaldehyde, hydroxy acids (salicylic acid, lactic acid, citric acid, glycolic acid), and retinol esters will help soften the plugs that accumulate sebaceous glands, reducing the production and amount of sebum.

To get the perfect care for skin problems, you need to have

  • Foam or gel is a way to wash daily (to ordinary people, it is called “washing”).
  • Make-up kit (or unique tonic).
  • Face water or lotion for quality skin.
  • Cream to care for skin problems (there is a difference between day and night types).
  • Eye cream (if you are over 30).
  • A chat box to dry out newly appeared acne (there are drugstore options and a series of “professional cosmetics” for topical application on acne).
  • An exfoliating cream and mask won’t hurt yet.

Note that all cosmetics should be from the line for oily and sensitive skin.

Quality skin
Quality skin

The best cosmetics for quality skincare

First, as the best cosmetics, and not only for quality skin (Derma Clear line), I would like to put the Israeli brand “GIGI Cosmetic Labs” according to my experience. On the market since 1957, it is an international company with secrets about the ingredients of its products. It is costly, but it will be worth it. A beautician must personally prescribe GIGI cosmetics! Regardless of the use of “GG” is prohibited, as professional grade cosmetics have a vibrant composition; if you misuse it, you can harm yourself very much.

  • Can also put second place professional Israeli cosmetics Christina (Comodex line), ReNew (lines for skin problems called Dermo Control, Propioguard), ONmacabim (DM line series), and Holy Land (A-NOX line). These cosmetics for oily and acne-prone skin should only be prescribed by a cosmetologist, not independently.
  • Normaderm line media from Vichy. These cosmetics have proven themselves very well. Funds contributed to helping fight many problems, namely removing oily sheen, evening out the complexion, removing redness, fighting inflammation, enlarging pores, and reducing acne. The price of funds is acceptable, much cheaper than the above brands.
  • Cleansing line of products. This line of cosmetics is aimed at sensitive skin. It contains a cleansing mask, mattifying lotion, toning emulsion, and cleanser. The show is beautiful; it evens the color and cleans the pores.
  • Clinique’s Pore Refining Solutions line. This series fights enlarged pores. It includes foundation, serum, day cream, and make-up concealer. The serum works exceptionally well, reducing the appearance of pimples and inflammation, normalizing sebaceous glands, reducing enlarged pores, and has a mattifying effect.
  • Garnier Pure Leather line. An excellent line of cosmetics for quality skin care. Scrubs and cleansers can help fight blackheads, clear the skin and have a mattifying effect.

Skin problems need to be taken care of constantly. And if you are still faced with the fact that you cannot remove acne by any means, normalize the oily skin, etc., consult a dermatologist to avoid the negative consequences of self-medication.