Nail design: What nail designs are in fashion in 2022?

Nail design; what type of design in 2022? Discover the trendy nail designs in 2022—ideas for stylish spring and summer manicures. When a new season begins, fashion trends change in clothing and beauty. Special attention is paid to manicures to make the image stylish, harmonious, and perfect. Only well-groomed hands will attract admiring glances. Modern […]

Smoothie for skin health and beauty

Smoothie cocktail recipes to improve your skin’s appearance and health. Valuable properties, nutritional value, the ingredient list for vitamin smoothie, beverage equipment technology. Skin health and beauty condoms are decadent vitamin cocktails that combine the taste and benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables, supplemented with the beneficial properties of spices and dairy products. Such drinks […]

Self-tanner: What is the best self-tanner out there?

Self-tanner; which should you chooses for your skin? Find out how to select the right self-tanner for your skin type and other features. How to apply, and can artificial tanning be washed? Aristocratic bleaching has long been considered old-fashioned, so almost every girl strives to acquire a sultry bronze tan. To achieve a beautiful chocolate […]

Atkins diet: What foods do you eat on an Atkins diet?

Atkins diet; learn how to burn subcutaneous fat correctly without psychological discomfort and with 100% success. Do you want to lose up to 10 kg? Now you have such an opportunity. Almost every low-carb diet plan is controversial. After the latest publications about the Atkins diet, she became the most talked about. Admittedly, the controversy […]

Lose weight: Can you use protein to lose weight?

Lose weight; how can I use protein? Learn how to take protein if your goal is to lose weight and maintain muscle mass. When used correctly, protein supplements can help you gain weight and fight fat. At the same time, you must understand that protein compounds cannot directly affect the process of reducing adipose tissue. […]

Never eat at night: 12 foods you should never eat at night.

Never eat at night; why should you avoid it? What foods are bad at night? 12 foods you should not eat at night—restrictions on evening meals, valuable tips. Illegal foods at night are foods that doctors and nutritionists strongly recommend excluding from the evening meal. Primarily, the ladies are used to restricting themselves, so they […]