November 2012


Sunglasses: c/o

Sweater: c/o

Pants: American Eagle

Bag: Chanel

In the spirit of Disney World I figured I’d post an outfit inspired by the one and only Peter Pan… well, his collar at least. And as my Mom and BF always say, I have “Peter Pan syndrome”. 

Well, they’re right. I really don’t want to grow up.

And yes, the book, and all Disney movie renditions (including Finding Neverland)* are beyond wonderful. This Disney story is, by far, one of my favorites. 

*I always want to provide you with the most accurate information (it’s an OCD of mine). Finding Neverland was made by Miramax films which was sold by Disney in 2010. However, Finding Neverland was filmed, and made, during Disney’s ownership of the company.

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